Tuesday, November 2, 2010


"Shrill as a choir of children
Urgent like the first day of May
False and inflatable feeling
Tugs at my senses, big as the Macy's Parade"
-Coat Check Dream Song, Bright Eyes

Store owner Ulrike Seeber has been selling fashion in her store for just one year but has managed to make it a stand-out, must see, boutique in Berlin. Nestled in the coolest part of town, Mitte, this store is definitely the place to wander to find some serious garment eye candy. Ulrike was kind enough to open WΔLD early for me, to let me interview her and check out the racks.
In a city where the average chick sticks to her uniform of plain and safe attire, Ulrike’s store is a rose amongst the thorns. It successfully collaborates high fashion statement pieces mixed with luxe fabric classics. It’s the Olsen twins meet Alexa Chung heaven on a stick.
There is an ultimate vibe of ‘togetherness’ in terms of the products sold here, and this is the love child result of many creative brainwaves.
“Choosing the pieces that go into the store is a long creative process. I like to see as much as I can at tradeshows, then go away and start to formulate the ideas in my head. The store should show a collective story and theme. It should all make sense together”.
A delicious mix of international uber labels (such as 7th Ave Shoe Repair), and local Berlin designers mesh beautifully to create a melting pot of epicness.
Q: When you do your buying, do you stick to the same labels each season or do you like to mix it up?
A: I feel like buying the exact labels over and over is a huge mistake a lot of stores make. Each season should be based on a collective theme, and every piece chosen should be because it is great, not just because it is a particular label.
My favourite part of the store is the change-room area, which is at the back of the store and slightly closed off. Featuring cow hide stools, tree trunks, a big open space and of course racks of clothes shoes and bags all at arm’s reach! Wunderbar! It just begs you to play dress-ups (and in a store full of so much deliciousness it is one dangerous place to spend a lot of time in!)
“I wanted it to feel like you would be at home, in your own wardrobe.”
Amen to that.
I also really dig the way the store is simple in its merchandising, its clean and classic. I feel a lot of stores (Australia I’m talking to you!), get way too amped with their POS (point of sale) from labels. Massive posters, flyers, look books, cardboard cut-outs, hologram effing stickers (is anyone else gagging right now?). Therefore WΔLD is seriously refreshing, as it souly focuses on the vibe, rather than showing off what labels it’s racks possess.
“I want to keep the focus on the clothing. The pieces should be the stand-out’s, they should speak for them selves.”
Amen X 2.
I was practically worshipping miss Seeber at this point and wanted to know how she, over every other store in Berlin, manages to get it so damn right.                 
“I think it’s very important to travel. I go to New York. I go to London. I do research on the Internet. You need to have an international perspective. A lot of people here do not go outside Berlin. That’s how the stores here end up looking the same, with the same pieces.”
Last but not least I wanted to know how a label could possibly end up having the privledge of landing on this stores floor.
“A label needs to be unique. It needs to be good quality, with a price point to match. It needs to be sexy and it needs to stand out.”
So there you have it brand owners, get your sex appeal happenin’, and get your stuff in here! The only Aussie label rockin’ in here at the moment is One Teaspoon (you can imagine my delight) And yes friends, I did happily hand over a long list of labels she should invest in in the future. (no worries, happy to do it, curtsey).
Thank you Ulrike!!!!xxxx
If your ever in the area : Alte Schönhauser Strasse 32c 10119 Berlin Mitte Germany
The stunner herself

My favourite piece: Black fur cape from local Berlin designer.


Parachute Pants said...

Great post :) Where is your shirt from? I love it!

Platform Princess said...

Ooowwweee, love your shirt/cravat combo.

You are the hotness.

When are you back? x

Celeste said...

Yo! The shirt is vintage from Garage,Berlin. Pinstripe with chambray patches! so in love. I don't know when I'll be back in London, hopefully very very soon xx

Parachute Pants said...

Thanks! :D