Sunday, November 14, 2010

Graphically Speaking

"I heard a hole in the silence
I saw a crack in the plan but I got lazy ways
You're not a private detective take off your telephone shoes
My thoughts going out of phase
And these are the better days"

-Mind Reader, Silverchair

Polka dots, triangles and zig zags oh my!
We are all aware of the 'clashing prints' fiasco loudly and proudly sweeping the earth, and if you ain't on the band wagon, I'm inviting you to join.
I am literally, on a 1800s wooden wagon, out the front of your place right now.
Jump on and let's go for a ride!
Most famously (and successfully) carried off by Mui Mui, you'll find there is always a method behind the madness (I'm really into cliche sayings today!) So therefore, it is slightly trickier than first imagined. You'll find if you just blindly grab things from your closet and chuck them on, they (gasp!) will look like effin vomit.
The secret is focusing on the silhouette, colour palette and most importantly the type of graphic.
Don't forget the vibe!
Today I'm rocking a tribal, bohemian, African, Bahamas vibe 
(oh yes, you can make up your own vibe, and it's even cooler if it only makes sense to you!). 
All that aside…
We are sizzling sausages in the sunshine 
and boy oh boy I'm feelin' fiiiiiiiine.
Skirt: vintage from Williamsburg NY,
Bikini: One Teaspoon,
Feather bracelet: John Galliano,
Rings: King Baby, Tiffany & Co, One Teaspoon


Anonymous said...

you are gorgeous, my friend xx

styleeast said...

It looks so warm! Very jealous. Gorgeous print combo x

the style crusader said...

ummmm. seriously i want to jump on a plane right now - raid your wardrobe and hang out with you in your garden. these shots are gorgeous and you are looking like a total hottie. seriously feeling that slightly schizophrenic combination of a vibe. xx

Parachute Pants said...

Sooo pretty, I love your skirt! x

Rose said...

the skirt is amazing
the boobies are amazing...look at those boobies

Platform Princess said...