Sunday, September 25, 2011

Birds of Paradise

Rise up this mornin', 
Smiled with the risin' sun, 
Three little birds 
Pitch by my doorstep 
Singin' sweet songs 
Of melodies pure and true, 
Sayin', "This is my message to you-ou-ou:" 

Singin': "Don't worry about a thing, worry about a thing, oh! 
Every little thing gonna be all right. Don't worry!" 
Singin': "Don't worry about a thing" - I won't worry! 
"'Cause every little thing gonna be all right." 

-Three Little Birds, Bob Marley

Remember when we got chatting about matching your vibe to your surroundings? (Christopher Kane post) well i think i have literally snow-balled from there and am currently souly attracted to hawaiin prints and tropical yardages.
I guess if you were in Sydney right now you would be wearing different shades of rain? not sure how that would pan out but would love to see you try! (you know I just literally took a stab at the fact I am spoilt by sunlight, and you cannot leave your house right?!...sorry!)
Yesterday I stumbled upon this vintage skirt and it put me in a holiday mood, and made me want to sing "if you like piña-coladas"! It also made me take a walk through my garden and get to discover plants I didn't even know where there!
Where do you go for holiday when you live in a holiday destination?! No where! You just go for a massage on the beach and drink a frigging piña-colada and watch the sun set from your own balcony!
p.s I have my very own Mango tree that's fruit has just ripened! Mango margaritas' here I come.
(I'll pour you one....and then drink it)
Happy Sunday

Skirt: vintage. Tank: Topshop Men's. Bra: Amore Forvete, Bag + Rings : Lane Crawford HK, Bracelets: One Teaspoon and gifts, Lipstick: Napolean

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hooker Red

"You're in my mind 
when you're in the room 
in my heard 
i'm mad on you 
you're in my mind 
when you're in the room "

-I'm Mad, The Dead Weather

New nail colour of choice: Hooker Red. 
There is something about that instantly makes me in the mood for mischief.
Even typing right now on my keypad, I feel as if I should be writing a dirty email to a lover.
I'm also highly into mixing as many tones of the one colour you can manage at once.
My Pucci dress ticks all my boxes (see! I'm even starting to twist normal sentences into pick up lines!) with it's mash of orange, peach and magenta. May as well keep the good time rollin' with rose gold jewellery and neon orange lipstick.
Feeeeeeeelin' huey.
Kind of vibing a bit of a 'Pretty Woman' know, when she gets to wear all nice clothes, but really, deep down, she is still a tramp. A Dirty-Hollywood-Hills-washed-up-actress type look. 
A nail polish colour that can make you want to have dinner party's where you do the 'double-kiss' on everyones cheeks and call them darrrrrrlings has gotten a hold on my heart.
So, what are you doing tonight babes?

Dress: Emilio Pucci, Shawl: Mongolian sheeps fur, Rings: Sass&Bide and various others from, nails: Opi, Lipstick: Napolean

Monday, September 5, 2011


Some bed of roses I have given you
Some bed of roses I have given you
You're gonna stand up

Some bed of nails I have given you
Everybody's been there, I just live there too
You don't stand up
It's completely normal

Well, I guess I guess I guess

Wanna be on the right end
Wanna be on the right end
Wanna be on the right end
Wanna be on the right end
-Rogue Wave Man-Revolutionary!

I read an interesting article on Coca Cola in fashion not long ago, and after wards I was left wondering....why is the brand constantly associated with editorials and fashion shoots? What is it, about that red and white label that automatically has us thinking about Kate Moss topless? (anyone, no? just me? cool)...and then a friend of mine made it make perfect sense...
"well, Coka's a timeless classic".
And indeed it is.
This also made me think into the topic deeper and made me realise that Coca Cola is the only branded product to pull this off! Sure there is the 'cigarette-in-mouth' shot, but it's not constantly a packet of Marlboro's in the babes remains anonymous. I tried really reallllly hard to think of another non fashion brand with this kind of continuous feature in shoots and failed miserably. (although it was 2am so I'm sure my brain was not running full speed).
Pepsi and Dr Pepper give it a good hard go, but in the end Coke will always win.
p.s Writing this reminded me of the great Dr Pepper tee I used in my very first post, here
p.p.s you know Coca Cola even invented Santa Claus right? I mean, seriously, f^*k.

images = randoms from google, but source info is appreciated

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Yo! Hi!
This is just a literal quicky to let you know I'm now 'frothin' on Instagram.
I'm basically off facebook, and (obviously) never find time to be doing posts, so for a more regulated update of my adventures and what im vibing, follow me on that!
I'll still be stickin' my head in here as much as I can, this is not the end of thecowboygeisha my friends....
you never know, I might post 10 posts in one day out of nowhere, so do keep on comin' back
for those of you still not to join the Iphone revelation, here is a little sneak of my life of late...

Great Scott

Swinging in the backyard
Pull up in your fast car
Whistling my name

Open up a beer
And you take it over here
And play a video game

I'm in his favorite sun dress
Watching me get undressed
Take that body downtown

I say you the bestest
Lean in for a big kiss
Put his favorite perfume on

Lana Del Ray, Video Games

For those of you whom know my brain, old mate Jeremy Scott has an ongoing, not-so-secret part in my heart. Those that swarm for his goods no doubt enjoy his designs, but I for one actually feel like he  is the most successful smart-ass in the industry. And it is this trait, ladies and gentlemen, which makes me one of his biggest fans. I also feel he is one of the few designers which create a vibe that reflects our small section in time (collections based on trash, fast food,  etc etc). Lastly, he is literally the only label that I buy pieces from not to wear, but to archive. This bat wing sweater reminds me of Jenny Kee, and of 80s non-appropiate/verging on hideous-wear...two things i truly dig, and yet I would not wear this in public. One day my grand babies will open up my dress-up box and have the time of their life with this sweater!   It will come down to their ankles and they will do a catwalk show in the lounge room for me and it will be one of the coolest memories I will have....
p.s it's weird I'm thinking about what memories my grand kids are going to give me at 24 isn't it....
Dress: Jeremy Scott