Thursday, January 20, 2011

Island Fever

Sorry mumma, I ain't gonna' be home.
Time late, next summer.
I've had it, up to here with the people,
church has a cactus for a steeple.

It's so fast, I feel like I'm a snail,
every day more bills in the mail.
I keep up, appearances for who?
Television tells us what to do.

In the, 
Vally of Scum, here I come.
Vally of Scum, here I come.
Vally of Scum, here I come.
Vally of Scum, here I come.
-Valley of Scum, Mylee and the Mopheads

The time has come to shift islands.
Goodbye Australia, Selemat Detang Bali!
bery bery Bagus!!!
It's all happened very very quickly (but I like it quick) and I have had to sort out  my life within 4 days…
Packing was actually super fun this time.
I am completely over 100% of my clothes, so I went through them all (yes, ALL) and made piles for what I think would suit/fit my sisters and friends, and did many-a-run to my secret op-shop to give back a bit of love (good karma here I come).
Anyway, frig where is my passport?! oh yes, in my boot.
(my brain is going a hundred bazillion miles an hour right now).
This is going to be short and sweet, and I basically just want to get you as excited as I am!
I am going to bring you so much deliciousness for your eyeballs, they might even fall out!
Also, I am very sorry for all those who ordered Lace Kimono's, as I didn't have a chance to finish the orders, so you will receive an email notification if yours had been posted or not.
See you real soon love children.

Top: Cotton On, Bra: Lovable, Skirt: vintage, Crystal necklace: stay tuned (!!!), Lipstick: YSL

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sister Love

Well the high school kids they're all fucked up.
Touching each other, oh my god.
Yeah and forty ounces was never enough.
We want to pass out in your yard, we want to pass out.
Dressing in drag your best friend's clothes,
while boys kissed boys in hotel rooms.
Oh and just when we thought we were no longer lost
they kicked us out into the dirty streets of Atlanta.

So it's Friday night down on North Avenue,
where the gas station parking lot prostitutes
tried to fix their hair in our rearview mirrors.
You know we're just trying to get to the club and shake our asses.
A caravan of kids, some big old mess, 
on an old wooden dock, oh we're bored to death.
We've got a bottle of wine, a fresh pack of smokes.
We're going to end up screaming about some midnight garage sale.
-Nights of the Living Dead, Dusty Duets cover
(this is my new favourite song of all time. It is also my favourite song to play the drums to. Originally done by Tilly and The Wall.)

Sorry for my absence of late. I have been very busy doing extremely important/life changing things (stay tuned).
I thought since I'm out to lunch at the moment (not physically, but in the brain) I would introduce you to one of my siblings.
Here is a little poem I wrote to set the scene:

My little sister Bryony is as cool as a cat,
she paints like a wizard, and she don't drink Jack.
She can surf like a pro, and rides a scooter,
For ages now I have wanted to shoot her.
Her friend Darren, beat me to the punch,
so I'm using this shot, which I heart a bunch.
I have two more sisters, who equally delight,
their mugs to come avoid a fight.

xx love you xx
Hat: General Pants, Sunglasses: 70s vintage, Tee: Bassike, Ring: Samantha Wills, Lipstick: MAC

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Warm Up

"Go head go away low, but here i can do no harm
Go ahead go away low in my honey lovin arms
Go ahead go away low, where i can do no wrong
Got you around my finger like a lonely lovers charm
like a lonely lovers charm"
-Get Some, Lykke Li

Today made me realise Valentines Day is upon us!
I shot a commercial for a music channel to promote guys to give up lame romantic gestures (that they should know we won't appreciate. For example, I do not appreciate Hibiscus flowers- as demonstrated in the commerical). Actually, you know what, before I go any further, I just had this weird vibe I am treading on very dangerous territory. This subject/day/occasion kind of creeps me out.
There's that whole whinginess that arrives out of peoples mouths, there are the super pathetic movies made about it, and last but not least, there is the overwhelming craving to eat lots of individually wrapped chocolates.
One thing I will say though is, if you can't think of a gift your significant other would REALLY LOVE (day of love, they have to love it, not just 'maybe like it', derr, keep with me here) don't get them one! But, if you can't think of anything nice to do for them, to show them you care…your in big big trouble.
(tisk tisk)
I have (on a whim) decided to make a list of what gestures I admire. Agree, or agree to disagree. Each to their own (and all that jazz).

1.Write a message in the sky (or just point to a good one whilst having a romantic picnic and pretend you did it!)
2. Have a romantic picnic.
3.Get flowers delivered to the workplace (if they have a work place). "I'll just give them to her when she gets home" I hear you moan. No. She wants to get them in front of a bunch of people to make the specialness even more specialer. Der.
4. Breakfast in bed (be careful to wake her in a non-agressive manner. It doesn't matter how good you cooked your eggs, you do not want hot coffee hitting your crouch).
5. Do something nice on the actual DAY.
If it's a day late, or an 'IOU massage' or something = fail.
6. Massage.
7. Take the day off work to spend time with her. Time is the key.
8. Tell her you are just going to Woolworths, and actually just keep driving to Seal Rocks. Call her by a different name, and invite her on your 'boys only' surfing trip…(just me? fair enough.)

p.s If your single, you can be an 'anti-Valentiner'. I have been one nearly every year of my life. (which is very strange considering I always seem to have a boyfriend, but never at that time of year? curious. very curious.)
Negative or Positive, I want to know your vibe right now!!!!
(Here are some shots from the shoot.)
A message in magnets
Love Heart Eggs! Curtesy of my on-screen, hopeless romantic boyfriend Luke. I secretly love this.
Photo: thanks to Booey, the Director/creator/concept extrodinare.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Racey Tortoise

"On a dark windless night
With the stereo on
With the towns flying by
And the ground getting soft

And the sound in the sky
Come down from above
It surrounds you and sighs
And it's whispering, oh

What pulls your body down, 
that is quicksand
So climb out quick, 
hand over hand
before your mouth's all filled up"
-Unless it's Kicks, Okkervil River

What a corker, Karen Walker!
Who loves mail on a Monday?!
The most needed package arrived on my little doorstep yesterday. New sunglasses.
Straight off the ship from, these limited addition Karen Walker lovers are now the newest edition to my love boat family.
They are sold out in this colour, but there is a milky brown colour way still available.
Hop to it.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sparkling Mad

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes
Wet beneath the blue suburban skies
I sit and meanwhile back in

Penny Lane there is a fireman with an hourglass
And in his pocket is a portrait of 
the Queen
He likes to keep his fire engine 

It's a clean machine

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes 
A four of fish and finger pies 
In summer meanwhile back
-Penny Lane, The Beatles

Happy Monday love children!
Hope your New Year is going swimmingly so far.
This is a sparkling hot post to warm you all up for a large amount of deliciousness about to hit your eyeballs.
The totally mad (mad as in 'crazy like a coconut', not angry mad ;) Angelique, co-founder/half the amazing brain behind Aussie label MyPet SQuare, was lovely enough to set up an appointment with her PR agent for me to check out their brand spanking new collection.
I picked many-a-piece to do a totally square inspired shoot, and I thought before you were slapped across the face mid-way through your morning coffee with it, I would ease you into it with a teaser (we all know how much I like a dirty tease).
I had this scheme that I wanted to try, which was sparkler head pieces. Little did I realise all of the contributing factors and elements against me. They only last for around 30 seconds, you cant light them all at the same time, you can't light them with any slight breeze happening, and some of them are just plain duds. 
In the end, with a severe sparkler shortage, we ended up only getting one each.
I kind of dig it though. It makes our heads look like birthday cakes!
So, if it's your birthday today, this ones for YOU!
Holly Guacamole wears:
Hat- Vintage Mui Mui
Flower headpiece- thecowboygeisha
Cape- MyPet SQuare
Slip- vintage
Crystal necklace- thecowboygeisha
Lipstick- MAC

I'm wearing:
Hat- vintage
Feather- Dino the parrot
Fringe top- MyPet SQuare
Crystal necklace- thecowboygeisha
Harmonica necklace- Mall Music, Warringah Mall
Lipstick: MAC

Oscar Billy Wright wears:
his pajamas

Mylee Grace wears:
Hat- vintage
Top- MyPet SQuare
Crystal necklace- thecowboygeisha
Belt- vintage guitar strap
Shorts- vintage leather
Lipstick- MAC

To get into the square headspace, check out their high summer collection, and purchase : HERE

Saturday, January 8, 2011

La-Goon of Doom

"Just around from Janie's corner 
there's a bay called Sharkies Cove
never thought twice how it got its name
but i guess i should have known."
- The Shark Song, Goons of Doom

Yesterday the most bizarre thing happened!
I was just hanging out by the river with a few friends, and out of the fog (that appeared in the middle of the day?) came a pastel painted raft, with a bunch of cool looking dudes, playing bikey zomie music!
They sung of yellowy moons and kept screaming for us to save the whales, and among the madness I realised that these were no random river rats…this was the Goons of Doom performing some sort of radical blitz gig!
We gave them a hearty hello as they drifted up to shore, and just as we dared to get close they fired with horizontal fireworks!  no mercy was given for any women or children!
Confused and shaken, we scattered to the edges of the clearing, all mothers grasping onto their youth with total terror.
What was the meaning of this flash attack? Was this their dirty scheming plan all along? Lure us in then spit us out?!
Once the panic subsided we all glanced to the river and not a Goon remained in sight.
This is an international global warning for all.
Stay away from the edge of your local river, stream or ocean.
The persian rug painted raft of doom could be upon you.
God save our souls!
p.s this is a true story. lock up your kids.
the end.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Coco Loco

"I bongo with My Lingo
Beat it like a wing yo
From Congo to Colombo
Can't stereotype my thing yo

I salt and pepper my Mango
Shoot Spit Out the window
Bingo I got him in the thing yo"

-Sunshowers, M.I.A

So I'm painting the town red! (oh no hang on let me start again)…I'm painting my studio!
What better way to start the year than to paint over all the ugly colours of last year.
Out with the crap and in with the magic.
Does anyone else have so many goals for 2011 that they have run out of moleskins?!
Far out.
Cleaning up the studio I found the Chanel ribbon that wrapped cowboys Christmas gift and I thought I'd introduce you to my oldest Kimono (since I'm obviously in a kimono head space).
This is my favourite thing to wear while I'm scurrying around the house.
It makes me feel like a 60s extravagant house wife. Thank goodness I don't smoke cause I'd be going through a few packets in this baby!
Anyway I'm procrastinating actually painting, and the wall's are still avocado green so off I pop.
Happy Tuesday!
p.s I think I might write something naughty on the wall and then paint over it! Maybe the F word?! stay tuned

Kimono: 60s vintage
Ribbon: Chanel
Ring: thecowboygeisha

Monday, January 3, 2011

Wild Thang

"Wild thing
you make my heart sing,
you make everything
I said wild thing...

Wild thing
I think I love you
But I wanna know for sure
Come on, hold me tight
I love you"
- Wild Thing, The Troggs

So, my place is basically barely visible in summer due to the over-growth of the surrounding rainforest.
It's amazing.
There are the strangest, most beautiful flowers crawling all the way down the hill.
I'm really into these upside-down bell shaped, tropical lovers. Too bad they have the ugliest name: Brugmansia.
They should have a majestical, fantasia vibe name...I wonder if I should try and change it via Wikipedia?! 
On a different note, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce you to my favourite Christmas present.
Its a body jewellery piece by Cecilia De Bucourt via Shopbop. Its spiked and chained just the way I like it and it's my new summer staple.
I also felt a great need in my heart to show you my new creation. Its a kimono I whipped up with some ef-off amazing vintage lace. It makes me so happy on the inside. Spring or Fall, you'll be seeing me in this baby.
And on that high note, I have decided I'd like to whip some up for you guys.
Hit me up if your keen, and have realised you need this lover in your life.
One size fits all. Vintage White. Lace pattern will vary as I will be sourcing the fabric from my sneaky secret vintage spots.


p.s I have totally by accident mixed cowboy and geisha today haven't I?! Ef yeh. You should do it too, it's a match made in hardcore heaven.

Tee: Bassike
Shorts: Vintage peppermint Levi's
Shoes: Vintage, Berlin
Body Chain: Cecilia De Bucourt
Hat: Vintage Australian leather cowboy hat
Black rose and skull headpiece: thecowboygeisha
Vintage Lace Kimono: thecowboygeisha

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Peat Posse

"I'm gonna leave this city, got to get away
I'm gonna leave this city, got to get away
All this fussing and fighting, man, you know I sure can't stay

Now baby, pack your leaving trunk, you know we've got to leave today
Just exactly where we're going I cannot say, but We might even leave the USA 
'Cause there's a brand new game that I want to play"
- Kitty Daisy and Lewis, Going Up The Country

Where the ef have I been?Not in front of a computer thats for damn sure.
I have actually had a few days off from the technological realm (bar my camera, obviously).
I was lucky enough to be invited to the Peats Ridge Festival from my jet-setting/never in Sydney/touring the world and being epic friend, Julia. Being gifted tickets, it would be pretty effing spoilt to turn them down, and I've never really staked it out a festival, so I thought the time was ripe.
We set up camp, relaxed in the river, painted tribal dots above our eyebrows, wore bindi's, saw more weird sh%t than we could have ever dreamt up, and more than anything got to enjoy some ef-off amazing rock n' roll.
Band (or should I say solo act) of the trip was Lanie Lane. She is a rockabilly sweet heart, with a knack for getting the whole audience to step into her little world. She had something alot of others lacked. Connection. Each song was explained with a quirky back story and it kind of made us all fall in love with her.
I had met her the previous night with Julia and rather than an introduction she just handed me a piece of watermelon. I liked her then and there. Then she had to head off cause she felt like a costume change (and I thought I had found my soul mate. I usually get the sh*t teased out of me for needing to change at least 3 times a day, and there she was, announcing it to a group of strangers. I felt liberated!)
Anyway everything else was cool and kind of a blur blah blah blah.
I hope you guys have had an awesome break, some family time, and some r+r.
Welcome to 2011.
Lets make it effing brilliant.
p.s whats your New Years Resolution? my favorite so far belongs to my good friend Killer. "Don't worry, be sexy", if you don't have one yet, maybe try this one out for size.

Hat: Vintage Mui Mui, Tee: Bassike, Necklace: Disney Couture, Bindi: Cherry Blossum, Collaroy.

Phoebe the sparkler gypsy vintage rock n'roller.

Julia performing in a 60s lace, bell sleeve maxi. Check out her awesome guitar.

Lanie Lane in her pirate hat.
Tee: American Apparel, Skirt: vintage.

Tee: Stolen Girlfriends Club, Shorts: Ksubi, Belt+Bag+Hat: vintage,
Glasses: Melrose Markets, L.A, Boots: thecowboygeisha