Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Coco Loco

"I bongo with My Lingo
Beat it like a wing yo
From Congo to Colombo
Can't stereotype my thing yo

I salt and pepper my Mango
Shoot Spit Out the window
Bingo I got him in the thing yo"

-Sunshowers, M.I.A

So I'm painting the town red! (oh no hang on let me start again)…I'm painting my studio!
What better way to start the year than to paint over all the ugly colours of last year.
Out with the crap and in with the magic.
Does anyone else have so many goals for 2011 that they have run out of moleskins?!
Far out.
Cleaning up the studio I found the Chanel ribbon that wrapped cowboys Christmas gift and I thought I'd introduce you to my oldest Kimono (since I'm obviously in a kimono head space).
This is my favourite thing to wear while I'm scurrying around the house.
It makes me feel like a 60s extravagant house wife. Thank goodness I don't smoke cause I'd be going through a few packets in this baby!
Anyway I'm procrastinating actually painting, and the wall's are still avocado green so off I pop.
Happy Tuesday!
p.s I think I might write something naughty on the wall and then paint over it! Maybe the F word?! stay tuned

Kimono: 60s vintage
Ribbon: Chanel
Ring: thecowboygeisha


S said...

That is the most gorgeous print.

Do it. Definitely write something naughty ;)

Parachute Pants said...

I love 60's prints, espesh this one :)
p.s M.I.A is rad, Can't wait for her show in Feb x