Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Warm Up

"Go head go away low, but here i can do no harm
Go ahead go away low in my honey lovin arms
Go ahead go away low, where i can do no wrong
Got you around my finger like a lonely lovers charm
like a lonely lovers charm"
-Get Some, Lykke Li

Today made me realise Valentines Day is upon us!
I shot a commercial for a music channel to promote guys to give up lame romantic gestures (that they should know we won't appreciate. For example, I do not appreciate Hibiscus flowers- as demonstrated in the commerical). Actually, you know what, before I go any further, I just had this weird vibe I am treading on very dangerous territory. This subject/day/occasion kind of creeps me out.
There's that whole whinginess that arrives out of peoples mouths, there are the super pathetic movies made about it, and last but not least, there is the overwhelming craving to eat lots of individually wrapped chocolates.
One thing I will say though is, if you can't think of a gift your significant other would REALLY LOVE (day of love, they have to love it, not just 'maybe like it', derr, keep with me here) don't get them one! But, if you can't think of anything nice to do for them, to show them you care…your in big big trouble.
(tisk tisk)
I have (on a whim) decided to make a list of what gestures I admire. Agree, or agree to disagree. Each to their own (and all that jazz).

1.Write a message in the sky (or just point to a good one whilst having a romantic picnic and pretend you did it!)
2. Have a romantic picnic.
3.Get flowers delivered to the workplace (if they have a work place). "I'll just give them to her when she gets home" I hear you moan. No. She wants to get them in front of a bunch of people to make the specialness even more specialer. Der.
4. Breakfast in bed (be careful to wake her in a non-agressive manner. It doesn't matter how good you cooked your eggs, you do not want hot coffee hitting your crouch).
5. Do something nice on the actual DAY.
If it's a day late, or an 'IOU massage' or something = fail.
6. Massage.
7. Take the day off work to spend time with her. Time is the key.
8. Tell her you are just going to Woolworths, and actually just keep driving to Seal Rocks. Call her by a different name, and invite her on your 'boys only' surfing trip…(just me? fair enough.)

p.s If your single, you can be an 'anti-Valentiner'. I have been one nearly every year of my life. (which is very strange considering I always seem to have a boyfriend, but never at that time of year? curious. very curious.)
Negative or Positive, I want to know your vibe right now!!!!
(Here are some shots from the shoot.)
A message in magnets
Love Heart Eggs! Curtesy of my on-screen, hopeless romantic boyfriend Luke. I secretly love this.
Photo: thanks to Booey, the Director/creator/concept extrodinare.


S said...

I'm usually single on Valentine's day, but I still think it's really sweet. People can be like "you should be romantic every day", but really, who has time for that? Every. Single. Day? So a whole day dedicated to a loved one, to me, is great.

Can't wait to see the commercial, and also, who gives people Hibiscus flowers for v-day? They're more of a "I've got flowers in my backyard, so I picked on for you" kind of flower.. not really a romantic gesture to me.

thecowboygeisha said...

yes yes yes S!
So happy to hear, and I agree with every single word

Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

This is the most adorable little post.

I was awwing at an egg and my friends thought I had lost my mind. Following you because you're a freaking cutie.

Elspeth Rose Mitchell said...

Same, always seem to be single when it come to the actual valentines day. It is one of those days that can go either very wrong or very right whether you are single or in a relationship...

I love the egg! Is it wrong to make myself a plateful of heartshaped food?

mollyblob said...

I follow you know, please can you follow me? I think your blog rules.

Booey said...

the video will be up in the next couple of days. you both look ridiculously cute

Fashionably Drugged said...

Loving these pictures!

I'm following your blog, would you mind following mine? :) It would mean a lot to me.