Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sister Love

Well the high school kids they're all fucked up.
Touching each other, oh my god.
Yeah and forty ounces was never enough.
We want to pass out in your yard, we want to pass out.
Dressing in drag your best friend's clothes,
while boys kissed boys in hotel rooms.
Oh and just when we thought we were no longer lost
they kicked us out into the dirty streets of Atlanta.

So it's Friday night down on North Avenue,
where the gas station parking lot prostitutes
tried to fix their hair in our rearview mirrors.
You know we're just trying to get to the club and shake our asses.
A caravan of kids, some big old mess, 
on an old wooden dock, oh we're bored to death.
We've got a bottle of wine, a fresh pack of smokes.
We're going to end up screaming about some midnight garage sale.
-Nights of the Living Dead, Dusty Duets cover
(this is my new favourite song of all time. It is also my favourite song to play the drums to. Originally done by Tilly and The Wall.)

Sorry for my absence of late. I have been very busy doing extremely important/life changing things (stay tuned).
I thought since I'm out to lunch at the moment (not physically, but in the brain) I would introduce you to one of my siblings.
Here is a little poem I wrote to set the scene:

My little sister Bryony is as cool as a cat,
she paints like a wizard, and she don't drink Jack.
She can surf like a pro, and rides a scooter,
For ages now I have wanted to shoot her.
Her friend Darren, beat me to the punch,
so I'm using this shot, which I heart a bunch.
I have two more sisters, who equally delight,
their mugs to come
...to avoid a fight.

xx love you xx
Hat: General Pants, Sunglasses: 70s vintage, Tee: Bassike, Ring: Samantha Wills, Lipstick: MAC

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