Sunday, February 27, 2011

Check In

Johnny Cash: If I were a carpenter
And you were a lady,
Would you marry me anyway?
Would you have my baby?
June Carter: If you were a carpenter,
And I were a lady,
I'd marry you anyway.
I'd have your baby.

Johnny:If a tinker was my trade,
Would I still find you?
June: I'd be carryin' the pots you made,
Followin' behind you.

Together: Save your love through loneliness,
Save your love though sorrow,
Johnny: I'd give you my onliness,
Together: Give me your tomorrow.
-If I were a carpenter, Johnny Cash+June Carter

I thought while you were pumping up those piggy banks waiting for the grand opening, you might want to see a preview of one of the (obvious) key pieces that will feature among the madness.
What kind of 'cowboygeisha' vintage store would not have one-of-a-kind authentic Japanese kimono's?(not a very good one! I hear you murmur to yourself) Exactly.
So here is one I dare not part with. It hit me in the heart with its magical geisha flower powers, but I promise I have two more little bloody beauties (I'm missing Australia today) for you to purchase.
I have to admit something to you guys, I'm having great difficulty figuring out how to shoot all the stuff.
In real life, I would want some smoking Japanese model babe who also plays bass to model for me.
Still searching for one...Boring.
Anyway I'll figure it out...
In the time you take to save up thy penny's young chaps (vibing old english out of nowhere) the store will be rocking for you to get frolicking.
p.s how great are kimono's! Oh yeh funny story, I was at the airport the other day and a Japanese group of dudes asked me to take their photo...and GUESS what one said to me....go on, guess!....Well I was wearing this kimono, (amongst other items), and this guy was like " oh you dress like japanese, but you look like the mexican"...and i was like 'f&%k yeh Japanese dude, your awesome!'
p.p.s why isn't 'vibing' a word?! Whenever my spell check thing hits me up with mistakes, the only word they have close to vibing is 'viking' (which is actually way radder....and nope, radder ain't no word either. bite me 'true-words-only' enthusiasts.)

Kimono: thecowboygeisha vintage, Lipstick: Tom Ford Ginger Fawn

Monday, February 21, 2011

Coming Soon...

Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats.
The show is about to begin.
Remember the candy bar is open, so you may purchase your sweets at any time during the viewing time.
Mobile devices are to be switched off to not distract you from the deliciousness about to hit your eyeballs, and then arrive on your doorstep.
We would like to thank you for joining us this evening, and we do hope to see you again.
(and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again)

(With curtains closed the narrator begins):
"Treasures dug from near and far, 
down secret stairways and winding paths.

Hand selected, piece by piece, and never seizing to increase,
A vintage collection so select, it's physically impossible to reject.
One off love boats, given a geishas touch,
a designers transformation and a cowboys punch.
And so without any further a-due,

Its my absolute pleasure to introduce you to..."

thecowboygeisha vintage

A swing for the 50s, a soul from the 60s and a swagger from the 70s equals the ultimate thrifting fan..
and that my friends, is how 'thecowboygeisha' vintage began'

So, instead of getting constant comments demanding to know where I got my most specialest pieces from, and having to merely comment 'vintage', and doing DIY posts on how to upgrade and revive what appear to be quite revolting items on the rack, I have decided to skip the nonsense and just share it all with you! I want to spread the love. I want to be able to ignite the excitement of having 'one-off', beautiful pieces in your little hearts. (rather than bucket loads of garbage, that everyone else owns in two different colours). And last but not least, I want to give these staples of fashion history a new loving home, rather than them becoming lost and forgotten about forever...
And so the adventure begins.
A ship is safe in harbour, but thats not what ships are for right?!
So I'm doing it.
Come back in a couple of days.
I promise you you won't regret it.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Switch On your eyeballs!

"That's why I went down, to the cliff that day,
and threw off everything I didn't need anyway.
Oh thats why I swam through, see all your sea-snakes they get to you,
and I found you by the wreck with your compass and kazoo"
-Compass and Kazoo, Mylee and the Milkshakes

Shut your computer.
Look outside.
Go for a walk.
Switch on your eyeballs for non-stop entertainment that is 100% free!!!
Sorry to sound super gay and hippy love child about it, but I am having one of those moments where I feel like throwing my electronics off a cliff.
I suppose having a full-time job in paradise is really emphasising the fact that it is so easy to just cruise through each week and not even notice where you are and what's around you!
Now I'm going to go work on my top secret mission for you guys, which involves me getting really dirty and sweaty and travelling to a far-off destination...
Literally ten minutes after this was taken, I split my leg open

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Day

"I’ve been loved 
And I’ve been alone 
All my life I’ve been a rollin’ stone 
Done everything that a man can do 
Everything but get a hold on you 

Done everything that a man can do 
Everything but get a hold on you "

-Hold on You, Jeff Bridges (because I am listening to the 'Crazy Heart' soundtrack on repeat)

Happy Valentines Lovers!
Well, I pretty much must of cursed myself with my previous 'warm-up' V-day post when I said "I usually never have a boyfriend on V-day" because guess what...badoom boom tish, I shall be spending the day of love, alone.
So, I have reverted back to my old way of being a anti V-day campaigner.
So far, it has filled the void.
I have dropped more hints than f-bombs (which if you knew me, doesn't actually apply at all, as I don't say the f word...but just roll with me for a second...thanks) to make up for the absence with an unbelievable gift, but just as assumed, I will also spend the day gift-less.
(awesome X 2)
Enough whinging cause I brought you guys a present.
One, single, long stem, red rose.
Because I love you.
And because no matter where you are, I have you on cyber space, and that makes me happy in my heart.
now go pash a stranger!

Dress: thecowboygeisha, hair clip: vintage, nail polish: completely disgusting (my apologies), red rose: for all my lovers (past, present, and future...well, actually not past....that would be 100% awkward)

Oh yeh and I thought you might want to see the Channel V commercial made for the occasion, starring me as the bitchy girlfriend...(who just said 'that doesn't surprise me'?!) and a boy named Luke who makes really great eggs on toast.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rock Solid

The dogs begin to bark and hounds begin to howl 
Dogs begin to bark and hounds begin to howl 
Watch out strange cat people 
Little red rooster's on the prowl 

If you see my little red rooster 
Please drive him home 
If you see my little red rooster 
Please drive him home 
Ain't had no peace in the farm yard 
Since my little red rooster's been gone
-Little Red Roster, The Rolling Stones (because the Roosters in Bali crow all day and night...its amazing)

There are only a numbered amount of gifts you receive that you go 'wow. I'm actually going to keep this forever'. Whilst packing up my whole life in Sydney, I literally went through everything I have ever owned and been given, and I found my treasure box of sentimental knick knacks.
Everything from my name badge at my first ever job (Donut King) when I was 14, the locket my parents gave me for my 'sweet 16', a gold love heart bracelet from one of my grade 8 boyfriends....and this. My eyeballs nearly exploded with excitement when I saw it. The encrusted and engraved cuff my best friend gave me for my 18th birthday...
Mania Mania eat your god-damn heart out.
I love how the smaller stones are almost pointy to give an armoured effect.
It's one of those things that could not be copied or replaced.
Now I won't take it off.
Miss you Adriana

Monday, February 7, 2011

Minus One

"I miss the gloom of the prairie moon that seemed to know my name
And the tumbleweed where the prairie don't feed I miss them just the same
They're all a part of a song of heart I'm sayin'
I recall the tune that I sang to the moon and it seemed to make it smile
And I rode away at the close of the day and I stayed so long awhile
But I long to be where the memory is ringing one more ride one more ride"

-One More Ride, Johnny Cash

We farewelled our friends with a (obviously) super last minute gathering at Sydney's Flinders bar. Cowboys band christened the venue as the first ever band to play, and now they play there every Tuesday (? maybe Friday?), sorry, scrambled egg brains after having an amazing weekend....(new clothes derr, not party party).
Anyway, some shots just appeared from one of Oyster magazine's photographers.
I really liked them and thought I would share them with you.
(also I really miss everyone today, so this is also an excuse to be able to look at your faces....)
I have a very exciting new adventure about to hit you like the tornado in The Wizard of Oz, so do keep coming back!
I lost one of you this week, and to be honest, it hurt me in my heart, so if your thinking of wandering elsewhere, just think of my little precious heart first!
(gosh how sooky am I today. far out)

images curtsey of: Hoboincognito

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Block It

My baby says she's traveling on the one after 909
I said move over honey I'm traveling on that line
I said move over once, move over twice
Come on baby, don't be cold as ice
Said she's traveling on the one after 909

I begged her not to go and I begged her on my bended knees
You're only fooling around, only fooling around with me
I said move over once, move over twice
Come on baby, don't be cold as ice
Said she's traveling on the one after 909

-One After 909, The Beatles

So dressing in Bali is a world in itself. Surrounded by too much white linen to count, and people whom find triangle bikini tops suitable for every occassion rather than a bra, my eyeballs are getting closer and closer together.
In between the madness, there is of course a rare person who must think "Just because I am in Bali, does not mean that I wear thongs day and night, I'm going to rock my biker boots even if my feet sweat so much they fall off", and then all of a sudden I can breathe again.
I'm into colours (as you probably know already. der), and so I have found it helps my little heart if I wear casual styles (as to not stick out like a dingbat) but mix it up with tones and textures.
So I thought I would share with you the first outfit I wore that brought sanity to my new life.
We found this beach by mistake, on our search for some ridable waves (for ye old Malibu mongoose over here) and it has this amazing temple right on the point of it, with waves literally hitting its walls...not a person in sight, just three puppy's following us around...Cowboy spent an hour taking photos of 'secret breaks', as I contemplated how we were ever going to find our way back to civilisation (ok, so maybe I didn't really care and actually daydreamed about living in the abandoned shack on the waters edge, becoming a fisherman and calling the three puppy's my own. Delyliah. Brooklyn. Kevin.).

Dress: Therese Rawstone. Terracotta Cape: Shakuhachi. Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs. Sunglasses: Karen Walker.