Monday, February 7, 2011

Minus One

"I miss the gloom of the prairie moon that seemed to know my name
And the tumbleweed where the prairie don't feed I miss them just the same
They're all a part of a song of heart I'm sayin'
I recall the tune that I sang to the moon and it seemed to make it smile
And I rode away at the close of the day and I stayed so long awhile
But I long to be where the memory is ringing one more ride one more ride"

-One More Ride, Johnny Cash

We farewelled our friends with a (obviously) super last minute gathering at Sydney's Flinders bar. Cowboys band christened the venue as the first ever band to play, and now they play there every Tuesday (? maybe Friday?), sorry, scrambled egg brains after having an amazing weekend....(new clothes derr, not party party).
Anyway, some shots just appeared from one of Oyster magazine's photographers.
I really liked them and thought I would share them with you.
(also I really miss everyone today, so this is also an excuse to be able to look at your faces....)
I have a very exciting new adventure about to hit you like the tornado in The Wizard of Oz, so do keep coming back!
I lost one of you this week, and to be honest, it hurt me in my heart, so if your thinking of wandering elsewhere, just think of my little precious heart first!
(gosh how sooky am I today. far out)

images curtsey of: Hoboincognito

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