Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Day

"I’ve been loved 
And I’ve been alone 
All my life I’ve been a rollin’ stone 
Done everything that a man can do 
Everything but get a hold on you 

Done everything that a man can do 
Everything but get a hold on you "

-Hold on You, Jeff Bridges (because I am listening to the 'Crazy Heart' soundtrack on repeat)

Happy Valentines Lovers!
Well, I pretty much must of cursed myself with my previous 'warm-up' V-day post when I said "I usually never have a boyfriend on V-day" because guess what...badoom boom tish, I shall be spending the day of love, alone.
So, I have reverted back to my old way of being a anti V-day campaigner.
So far, it has filled the void.
I have dropped more hints than f-bombs (which if you knew me, doesn't actually apply at all, as I don't say the f word...but just roll with me for a second...thanks) to make up for the absence with an unbelievable gift, but just as assumed, I will also spend the day gift-less.
(awesome X 2)
Enough whinging cause I brought you guys a present.
One, single, long stem, red rose.
Because I love you.
And because no matter where you are, I have you on cyber space, and that makes me happy in my heart.
now go pash a stranger!

Dress: thecowboygeisha, hair clip: vintage, nail polish: completely disgusting (my apologies), red rose: for all my lovers (past, present, and future...well, actually not past....that would be 100% awkward)

Oh yeh and I thought you might want to see the Channel V commercial made for the occasion, starring me as the bitchy girlfriend...(who just said 'that doesn't surprise me'?!) and a boy named Luke who makes really great eggs on toast.


S said...

The ad looks great.

Kit said...

Is it Valentine's Day there already?
We're expecting a rainy forecast here in London...sounds like a miserable Valentine's Day haha.

Well.....Happy Valentine's Day. xxxxx

styleeast said...

Happy Valentine's...sending you some love! x

Rose and Madeleine said...

I seriously want to marry you.
darling your post is dashing but you my dear made my valentines day at its only 7:30am ..
X Maddy

emilysarks said...


enjoythesilence said...

ha ha! great pic x

Parachute Pants said...

Cute add! and HOT boy!! xx