Sunday, February 27, 2011

Check In

Johnny Cash: If I were a carpenter
And you were a lady,
Would you marry me anyway?
Would you have my baby?
June Carter: If you were a carpenter,
And I were a lady,
I'd marry you anyway.
I'd have your baby.

Johnny:If a tinker was my trade,
Would I still find you?
June: I'd be carryin' the pots you made,
Followin' behind you.

Together: Save your love through loneliness,
Save your love though sorrow,
Johnny: I'd give you my onliness,
Together: Give me your tomorrow.
-If I were a carpenter, Johnny Cash+June Carter

I thought while you were pumping up those piggy banks waiting for the grand opening, you might want to see a preview of one of the (obvious) key pieces that will feature among the madness.
What kind of 'cowboygeisha' vintage store would not have one-of-a-kind authentic Japanese kimono's?(not a very good one! I hear you murmur to yourself) Exactly.
So here is one I dare not part with. It hit me in the heart with its magical geisha flower powers, but I promise I have two more little bloody beauties (I'm missing Australia today) for you to purchase.
I have to admit something to you guys, I'm having great difficulty figuring out how to shoot all the stuff.
In real life, I would want some smoking Japanese model babe who also plays bass to model for me.
Still searching for one...Boring.
Anyway I'll figure it out...
In the time you take to save up thy penny's young chaps (vibing old english out of nowhere) the store will be rocking for you to get frolicking.
p.s how great are kimono's! Oh yeh funny story, I was at the airport the other day and a Japanese group of dudes asked me to take their photo...and GUESS what one said to me....go on, guess!....Well I was wearing this kimono, (amongst other items), and this guy was like " oh you dress like japanese, but you look like the mexican"...and i was like 'f&%k yeh Japanese dude, your awesome!'
p.p.s why isn't 'vibing' a word?! Whenever my spell check thing hits me up with mistakes, the only word they have close to vibing is 'viking' (which is actually way radder....and nope, radder ain't no word either. bite me 'true-words-only' enthusiasts.)

Kimono: thecowboygeisha vintage, Lipstick: Tom Ford Ginger Fawn


styleeast said...

come back, I want to hang!

myPetsQuare said...

Sooooo pretty!
We miss you too. Do you reallllllly have to be over there?!?!?!

thecowboygeisha said...

aw I wish Jen!
How did you survive LFW?
did you almost freeze and need some REAL fur to keep you warm?!
Ang, my heart is still with you (and the Dusty's) I think about it everyday.
I want to buy a Bali drum kit so when you and Killer come we may reunite with love and epicness

the style crusader said...

Celeste, I swear if you don't go out and find me one of those kimonos and send it to Zurich for me I will go mental at you. I have been looking for something exactly like that for ages and can never find one. I will repay you anyway you want... cash money, bottles of vodka, covering my blog in links to your shop... whatever you want sister it's yours. just send me a freagin kimono.

(I think what I am really asking is whether or not your shop will accept personal orders...?)