Thursday, March 3, 2011


"Oh its true I stole your money,
I spent it on beer and friends
it's true I stole your money, honey
And I spent it on cigarettes"
-Beer Money, The Goons of Doom

My friend Vaughan has a new blog. It is my new favourite thing to read. Well, it kind of should be, him being a big time writer/editor and all. It is not until this moment that I have realised I have been spelling his name wrong ever since I met him. I met him at a gym for babies to play in. He was there with his two little beauties, and for some reason Cowboy thought it would be a great place to take me after our first ever date. We sat on those awkward plastic outdoor chairs and ate a croissant from the tuck shop. And we kind of just didn't leave. I felt so awkward I did the whole 'I'm just going to the bathroom' move to escape the awkwardness. Deep down I wished I could go play on the playground equipment but I was too nervous. Also, not so deep down I was like, what the heck am I DOING this some kind of 'I want babies' after the first date hint?! Heavy.
And right at the top of the down I was like, wow Vaughan has really pretty babies.


Dear Vaughan Dead.
I love you.
Thank you for drawing me and making me look cool.
Stay away from  my little sister.
Love from Celeste.

Cowboy Geesh

Just before the Cowboy Geesh embarked on her world tour we all went to eat some Mexican food in Bondi with her equally hot friends and sisters who I’d never had the pleasure to meet. I kinda hoped one of them might get my number from the Cowboy Geesh and give me a buzz. Unfortunately I went a bit too overboard on the Quesadeas (which were full of fucking onion thanks very much) and even though I felt I was being very witty and charming nobody called me. Just before she moved to Bali I was like “Well, this is effing sad to see her go BUT maybe she’ll have another little Mexican feed and I can try crack onto her sis again.” Alas, there was no Mexican feed, only a huge going away party which I got totally wasted at. I slept in my car.

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