Sunday, March 6, 2011


"i get a feeling when i look at you 
wherever you go now, i wanna be there too 
they say we're crazy, but i just don't care 
and if they keep on talking, still they'll get nowhere 
so i don't mind if they don't understand 
when i look at you and you hold my hand 
cause they don't know about us, they've never heard of love "
-Ben Gibbard, They Don't Know about Us

Dearest ruby ring.
I know you are not a real ruby, but you still make me feel like a 1930s house wive/ secret table dancer.
You are real enough for me to use more extravagant hand gestures when I wear you, so that the person whom I am conversing with, has no choice but to marvel at your beauty.
You also look really hot on this black fireplace.
A real ruby version of you will look even hotter as an engagement ring.
Love from Celeste


Phoebe Lucinda said...

Beautiful ring for a beautiful girl. Missing you bucket loads, oh an P.S - FB? gone? come back! xxx

the style crusader said...

Love the ring but think I might love your ode to it even more than the ring itself. xx

mistytewest said...

I love the symbolizes LOVE and fashion...just perfect!!! and the color is just so adorable...


A. said...

Hey CowboyGeisha! Thanks for the comment you left a while ago. Where are you? I miss your posts!! xoxo