Sunday, April 10, 2011

Singapore Fling

"See a bleach blond boy put his long board down 
Help his girl get her sunscreen on 
I thought about you in your little house 
Think you're lonely but I could be wrong and... 

I wanna be your bootlegger 
Wanna mix you up something strange 
Braid your hair like a sister 
Maim you like a hurricane "
-Get Well Cards, Conor Oberst

Singapore. The New York of Asia?
Well it felt like it to me.
Clean, real buildings, people wearing designer outfits, real roads, and English speaking people everywhere! (Hallelujah!)
Used to cows crossing my dirt-track-excuse-for-a-road, buildings that get washed away when it rains, and snakes slithering in the studio when shooting.... Needless to say there was more than slight bounce in my stride in the short time I stayed there.
Life has actually gotten to the extreme in Bali, that I believe I have started speaking broken english 100% of the time.
Perhaps thats why I couldn't bring myself to blog for a little while.
Tidak bagus in the banjar baby.
(No good in the hood baby).
See?! I speak sentences here that don't even make sense when they are converted! Knowing literally 30 words in Indonesian means my phrases make no sense in either language. (that was just an epiphany p.s...great)
Anyway, within 24 hours in the big city I got to see an amazing catwalk show (by accident), get exclusively invited into Marc by Marc Jacobs when it was closed (by accident(!), and stumble upon a super cool gay hang out full of dudes rockin' Comme De Garsøns, Alexander Wang, Jeremy Scott, and Ralph Lauren...AND they were happy to have their picture snapped. (Please take note, snobby chicks of London, whom constantly rejected my requests, people who dress cooler than you are fine with it so get off your high brick wall in Brick Lane and chill the frig out...)

On a more sombre note, I have a very heart felt letter for one of the chain stores I set my eyeballs apon when I was there...
Dear Z#%a,
I realise you make your cash ripping off real designers, but this season you have brought it to an extreme. Trawling your racks I literally had an overwhelming sadness in my heart and had the urge to rip chosen garments out of shoppers arms, to stop them from supporting such a f*&ked excuse for a store. You have 100% reproduced Prada's Spring collection. Your usual screwed bohemian neutrals thing you have going on has out of nowhere turned into brights, mixed stripes, and mixed block colours. When I thought I could not get any more offended, you have decided to offer kimono's. The one item I hold sacred in my heart. I'm not sure whom you ripped that idea off from, but you may as well have ripped it right out my of soul.
Sincerely NOT yours,
The Cloé bag that stole my heart...

...would go perfectly with my Chanel steel belt right?!
Dress: See by Chloé


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little navajo said...

Lovely to have you back miss geisha - I have missed reading about your adventures. XX