Sunday, April 17, 2011


"Yo - The name is Batty
The logic is erratic
Potato in a jacket
Toys in the attic
I rock and I ramble
- My brain is scrambled
Rap like an animal
But I'm a mammal"

-Batty Rap, Fern Gully (If Badie could sing, this would be his song...he would change 'Batty' to 'Badie' obviously)
Introducing Badie.
he is smaller than a high heel, but his eyeballs are bigger than any normal human
...he makes games up in his mind,he thinks there is a monster in the mirror, and he much prefers to chew my Marc Jacobs computer case rather than any lame toy.
he falls from great heights over and over but doesn't mind at all, and he gives me kisses on my eyelids rather than my mouth.
when he finishes his food he spends the next hour trying to figure out where it all went, then chase his own tail until he falls over.
he hated his normal collar so i gave him a velvet suits him much better.

He is my Badie bunny Bali baby, and is sleeping in my lap as we speak.
My new partner in crime.

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caman said...

is a very lucky dog