Thursday, April 21, 2011

From Behind

"Love me two times, baby 
Love me twice today 
Love me two times, girl 
I'm goin' away 
Love me two times, girl 
One for tomorrow 
One just for today 
Love me two times 
I'm goin' away "

-Love me two times, The Doors
Hey kiddy cats,
I thought you might enjoy some 'behind the scene' candy for your eyeballs of our Summer 11/12 'Block Party' collection.
Model Zippora Seven proved to be the perfect little love child and brought a vibe that non other could master.
She danced and sucked on ciggies in-between shots, and even prayed alot which brought on the good karma...

We are maniac right now creating some next level pieces for our Australian Fashion Week Show coming up, so that's a good enough excuse to be a little distant right now...yeh? good. okay. Glad we got that sorted.
Blogger's near and far are frothing left right and centre, check out some of their little 'love post dedications' here:

Oracle Fox


enjoythesilence said...

BEST yet... good work xxxx

her persona said...

loving these pics

Daniella said...

i can't even tell you how much i love this collection. UGHhhhh it hurts that's how much!!!!! i want everythingggg.
when are u coming back to london little missy! xxxx

Oracle Fox said...

Keep making dreams come true babyyy! xx

thecowboygeisha said...

Shall I be seeing you at our Fashion Week show Mandy? hope to see you there xx