Monday, May 16, 2011

Bubbling Mad

"vanilla strawberry knickerbocker glory
vanilla strawberry knickerbocker glory
vanilla strawberry knickerbocker glory
vanilla strawberry knickerbocker glory"

-Knickerbocker, Fujiya & Miyagi
Susie Lau of Style Bubble was a sight for sore eyes this RAFW and I wouldn't be surprised if the bun on her head was actually a dark chocolate profiterole roll...that's how sweet she really is. (p.s IS that the gayest thing I have ever said?!)
We (my work colleagues and I) were literally over the moon (think ET in the basket of the bike riding over the moon kind of thing...even though ET is one of my worst fears...let's save that story for another day) to see her rocking Shakuhachi and giving it her bubbling twist throughout the week.
The day of our show she wore our tangerine hand-woven shift paired with colour blocked Prada flats and polished it off with a MyPetSquare Jacket! Do you remember my squared teaser? No? click here. It would be more than an understatement to say that I am one of MyPetSquares more enthusiastic fans, so this outfit collaboration really warmed the insides. (we obviously have no need to hear my view on Prada...that should be more than fairly obvious by now)
Seeing Susie there really made me miss my London lover blogger donkeys...
Dear Shini (Park&Cube), Kit (style slicker), Jen (style crusader), Jen (style east), Daniella (The F blog) and Jacqui (platformpriness) next year I want you here no matter what! No excuses! This is officially a love post dedication to YOU!

p.s by the title of this post I mean 'mad' in the fantastic 'mad hatter' kind of way Ms Bubble. (curtsy)

Image of Susie via the bubble herself at stylebubble


the style crusader said...

My very first love post?! Sahweeeeet. Baby, sort me out a flight and I will be there in an instant... ok ok ok.... if that's not possible then AT LEAST give me ample warning on when the dates of fashion week will be so I can plan in advance on how to get my butt there.

p.s. Susie looks ridiculously cute in this outfit, I agree. Although, I do think adding Prada creepers to ANY look makes it pretty much perfection?

side note: I want some Shakuhachi in my liiiiiiife. xx

Platform Princess said...

We miss you too monkey butt! Ahh if only AUS wasn't 3 days away, I would be there like ET on his bike ;)

Side note: I NEED some Shakuhachi in my life lolzzz!


Kit said...

Awwwww Celeste, we miss you too. I would love to attend RFW but I would need some sponsors to help me out hahahaha.

Come back to London woman and have sushi with us!!!!!

styleeast said...

This is so lovely! Just say the word and I am there. Oh and I'm with Kit, get your ass back here woman, our meeting was far too brief and there are way more fur protestors for us to annoy! xxx

Kit said...

Re: Fur protesters incident, that was funny hahahaha.

Parachute Pants said...

I love Mrs Bubble! Top notch work with the show :) After reading your blog for a while and also seeing show photos on the blogs and websites, and even though i dont know you, I can really notice the pieces that you probably designed for the shakuhachi show! You have a particular style

thecowboygeisha said...

Girls! I said no excuses! Sponsor yourselves and get on the same plane! It will be like a road trip, but one where you get to FLY!
I'll probably just have to come back to London in real life won't I?!
Parachute Pants! So rad of you to say so, glad you liked it xx