Thursday, April 21, 2011

From Behind

"Love me two times, baby 
Love me twice today 
Love me two times, girl 
I'm goin' away 
Love me two times, girl 
One for tomorrow 
One just for today 
Love me two times 
I'm goin' away "

-Love me two times, The Doors
Hey kiddy cats,
I thought you might enjoy some 'behind the scene' candy for your eyeballs of our Summer 11/12 'Block Party' collection.
Model Zippora Seven proved to be the perfect little love child and brought a vibe that non other could master.
She danced and sucked on ciggies in-between shots, and even prayed alot which brought on the good karma...

We are maniac right now creating some next level pieces for our Australian Fashion Week Show coming up, so that's a good enough excuse to be a little distant right now...yeh? good. okay. Glad we got that sorted.
Blogger's near and far are frothing left right and centre, check out some of their little 'love post dedications' here:

Oracle Fox

Sunday, April 17, 2011


"Yo - The name is Batty
The logic is erratic
Potato in a jacket
Toys in the attic
I rock and I ramble
- My brain is scrambled
Rap like an animal
But I'm a mammal"

-Batty Rap, Fern Gully (If Badie could sing, this would be his song...he would change 'Batty' to 'Badie' obviously)
Introducing Badie.
he is smaller than a high heel, but his eyeballs are bigger than any normal human
...he makes games up in his mind,he thinks there is a monster in the mirror, and he much prefers to chew my Marc Jacobs computer case rather than any lame toy.
he falls from great heights over and over but doesn't mind at all, and he gives me kisses on my eyelids rather than my mouth.
when he finishes his food he spends the next hour trying to figure out where it all went, then chase his own tail until he falls over.
he hated his normal collar so i gave him a velvet suits him much better.

He is my Badie bunny Bali baby, and is sleeping in my lap as we speak.
My new partner in crime.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Squared Sander

"All your love
All your love
All your love
All your love
All your love is gone
So sing a lonely song
Of a deep blue dream
Seven horses seem to be on the mark
Yeah, don't you love her
Don't you love her as she's walkin' out the door"
-Love her madly, The Doors
This is what I want to be wearing today.
Neither items have clung to me (as all my precious lovers should) and now belong to two other very happy campers. I gave this DSquared jacket to my oldest sister Natalie as a parting gift, and I returned the Jil Sander dress when I actually did the calculation from Euro to AUD and realised I sadly, needed to eat instead.
This was from last year when I had a small stint in London and this was my 'virgin Brick Lane' get-up.
(ok so I just realised that that does not make any sense, and needs an explanation. Simply, this was the day I first when to Brick Lane?!)
Don't you think the classic-ness of Jil needs a bit of punky brewster sometimes? (rhetorical question)
So I am calling this love boat the Squared Sander.

The 'Squared Sander' (best served on the rocks):
Dress: Jil Sander
Jacket: DQuared
Clogs: Vintage Michael Kors

Monday, April 11, 2011

You Make Sense To Me

"Now, you can give my other suit to the Salvation Army,
And everything else I leave behind --
I ain't taking nothing that'll slow down my traveling
While I'm untangling my mind.
I ain't gonna repeat what i said anymore.
While I'm breathing air that ain't been breathed before
I'll be as gone as the wild goose in winter
Then you'll understand your man"

-Understand your man, Johnny Cash
(p.s I only just realised that every time I get lyrics off the net a pop up window offers me to send the song to my cell. Does that actually still exist?That whole idea is nearly vintage enough that I was tempted to just do it....have I lost my mind?!)

There's one thing I like even better than weird offensive emails from terrible small labels wanting free friends trying to brake down the alias fantom that I have indeed become!
In an anti-technology fit of angst, I deleted my Facebook page, didn't post and didn't log into Bloglovin' for a month. (you may have noticed?it is the new celebrity diet...facebook fasting. I seriously lost weight! Brain weight!Dare you to try it!)
In the past I was quite the Facebook enthusiast, oh my how times have changed.
Anyway so my beautiful sooky donkey Phoebe (a.k.a gypsy in crime) couldn't get a hold of me by any means possible, so she hit me with a blog post dedication (so much cooler than a 'love song dedication' ...tell your friends) to see if she could reach me through that frequency!
I only just found it so it didn't work (bummer Phoebs!)
But now that I have found it I am missing her even more than I was two minutes ago....if that is actually possible.
Hey Phoebs, I love you. I even feel like putting on my black studded boots again so we can be matching lovers across the seas.
check her out, she's got such great eyeballs for beautiful stuffs.
This is the time we went to Copacabana together to sniff our secret op shops and go to the beach in the rain...xx

Cat's Got My Tongue

"Honey bunny
My baby girl friend
My sugar girl friend
Where are you
Eyes of blue dear
You are my
My everyday girl
And everyday, everyday
I think of your smile"

-Honey Bunny, Vincent Gallo
I always get a kick out of seeing my designs on other people's blogs, or in a mag, or on the street, on on my laundry I was very thrilled to see the almighty Knight Cat posting photos of the Winter 2011 One Teaspoon collection.
Sometimes though it's funny designing for other people, it's kind of like putting a price on your thoughts and giving them to someone else. Hang on, thats the same with every other job right? Maybe this is different because each of my designs feels like one of my children....I'm fairly sure every accountants' quarterly statement isn't quite as heart felt.
p.s BAMBI, when are you coming back to Bali baby!


(that kind of sounds like a new version of 'The Owl and the Pussy Cat'. Awesome.)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Singapore Fling

"See a bleach blond boy put his long board down 
Help his girl get her sunscreen on 
I thought about you in your little house 
Think you're lonely but I could be wrong and... 

I wanna be your bootlegger 
Wanna mix you up something strange 
Braid your hair like a sister 
Maim you like a hurricane "
-Get Well Cards, Conor Oberst

Singapore. The New York of Asia?
Well it felt like it to me.
Clean, real buildings, people wearing designer outfits, real roads, and English speaking people everywhere! (Hallelujah!)
Used to cows crossing my dirt-track-excuse-for-a-road, buildings that get washed away when it rains, and snakes slithering in the studio when shooting.... Needless to say there was more than slight bounce in my stride in the short time I stayed there.
Life has actually gotten to the extreme in Bali, that I believe I have started speaking broken english 100% of the time.
Perhaps thats why I couldn't bring myself to blog for a little while.
Tidak bagus in the banjar baby.
(No good in the hood baby).
See?! I speak sentences here that don't even make sense when they are converted! Knowing literally 30 words in Indonesian means my phrases make no sense in either language. (that was just an epiphany p.s...great)
Anyway, within 24 hours in the big city I got to see an amazing catwalk show (by accident), get exclusively invited into Marc by Marc Jacobs when it was closed (by accident(!), and stumble upon a super cool gay hang out full of dudes rockin' Comme De Garsøns, Alexander Wang, Jeremy Scott, and Ralph Lauren...AND they were happy to have their picture snapped. (Please take note, snobby chicks of London, whom constantly rejected my requests, people who dress cooler than you are fine with it so get off your high brick wall in Brick Lane and chill the frig out...)

On a more sombre note, I have a very heart felt letter for one of the chain stores I set my eyeballs apon when I was there...
Dear Z#%a,
I realise you make your cash ripping off real designers, but this season you have brought it to an extreme. Trawling your racks I literally had an overwhelming sadness in my heart and had the urge to rip chosen garments out of shoppers arms, to stop them from supporting such a f*&ked excuse for a store. You have 100% reproduced Prada's Spring collection. Your usual screwed bohemian neutrals thing you have going on has out of nowhere turned into brights, mixed stripes, and mixed block colours. When I thought I could not get any more offended, you have decided to offer kimono's. The one item I hold sacred in my heart. I'm not sure whom you ripped that idea off from, but you may as well have ripped it right out my of soul.
Sincerely NOT yours,
The Cloé bag that stole my heart...

...would go perfectly with my Chanel steel belt right?!
Dress: See by Chloé