Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Squared Sander

"All your love
All your love
All your love
All your love
All your love is gone
So sing a lonely song
Of a deep blue dream
Seven horses seem to be on the mark
Yeah, don't you love her
Don't you love her as she's walkin' out the door"
-Love her madly, The Doors
This is what I want to be wearing today.
Neither items have clung to me (as all my precious lovers should) and now belong to two other very happy campers. I gave this DSquared jacket to my oldest sister Natalie as a parting gift, and I returned the Jil Sander dress when I actually did the calculation from Euro to AUD and realised I sadly, needed to eat instead.
This was from last year when I had a small stint in London and this was my 'virgin Brick Lane' get-up.
(ok so I just realised that that does not make any sense, and needs an explanation. Simply, this was the day I first when to Brick Lane?!)
Don't you think the classic-ness of Jil needs a bit of punky brewster sometimes? (rhetorical question)
So I am calling this love boat the Squared Sander.

The 'Squared Sander' (best served on the rocks):
Dress: Jil Sander
Jacket: DQuared
Clogs: Vintage Michael Kors

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Kelly said...

Love the clogs and love that you're blogging again xx