Thursday, January 20, 2011

Island Fever

Sorry mumma, I ain't gonna' be home.
Time late, next summer.
I've had it, up to here with the people,
church has a cactus for a steeple.

It's so fast, I feel like I'm a snail,
every day more bills in the mail.
I keep up, appearances for who?
Television tells us what to do.

In the, 
Vally of Scum, here I come.
Vally of Scum, here I come.
Vally of Scum, here I come.
Vally of Scum, here I come.
-Valley of Scum, Mylee and the Mopheads

The time has come to shift islands.
Goodbye Australia, Selemat Detang Bali!
bery bery Bagus!!!
It's all happened very very quickly (but I like it quick) and I have had to sort out  my life within 4 days…
Packing was actually super fun this time.
I am completely over 100% of my clothes, so I went through them all (yes, ALL) and made piles for what I think would suit/fit my sisters and friends, and did many-a-run to my secret op-shop to give back a bit of love (good karma here I come).
Anyway, frig where is my passport?! oh yes, in my boot.
(my brain is going a hundred bazillion miles an hour right now).
This is going to be short and sweet, and I basically just want to get you as excited as I am!
I am going to bring you so much deliciousness for your eyeballs, they might even fall out!
Also, I am very sorry for all those who ordered Lace Kimono's, as I didn't have a chance to finish the orders, so you will receive an email notification if yours had been posted or not.
See you real soon love children.

Top: Cotton On, Bra: Lovable, Skirt: vintage, Crystal necklace: stay tuned (!!!), Lipstick: YSL


theflowerdrum said...

i missssss you already!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

styleeast said...

you're in Bali now! I can't keep up. Can't wait to see more of these gorgeous colourful photos.

COME BACK TO LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twobreadsplease said...

love the lace top, man i wish it was warm enough in england to wear it x

Ambman said...

Gorgeous outfit;
Good luck with packing!!

guccilily said...

i left New Zealand for France, packed in one day! :P love the lace, xx


Daniella said...

come back to london you magical creature! have loads of fun in bali!!! xxxxxxx

ediot said...

love the lace top. and i like your blog a lot too. off to see more now
have a wonderful week

Kristy Elena said...

wow, goodluck on your move!!!! i know how you feel, i'm going through the same thing too. 6 days to make an international move happen!! eek! =)

loving these photos of you btw. you are gorgeous.

Kristy Eléna - Full Time Fabulous
Vogue Gone Rogue
Twitter: @kristyelena

Lee Oliveira said...

What a gorgeous blog. Very happy that I got to photograph you.
The photos turned up really good but the model helped a lot.
Nice to meet you Celeste.
lee x

-L said...

Such a rad chick!

Love the blog and outfits!