Monday, September 5, 2011


Some bed of roses I have given you
Some bed of roses I have given you
You're gonna stand up

Some bed of nails I have given you
Everybody's been there, I just live there too
You don't stand up
It's completely normal

Well, I guess I guess I guess

Wanna be on the right end
Wanna be on the right end
Wanna be on the right end
Wanna be on the right end
-Rogue Wave Man-Revolutionary!

I read an interesting article on Coca Cola in fashion not long ago, and after wards I was left wondering....why is the brand constantly associated with editorials and fashion shoots? What is it, about that red and white label that automatically has us thinking about Kate Moss topless? (anyone, no? just me? cool)...and then a friend of mine made it make perfect sense...
"well, Coka's a timeless classic".
And indeed it is.
This also made me think into the topic deeper and made me realise that Coca Cola is the only branded product to pull this off! Sure there is the 'cigarette-in-mouth' shot, but it's not constantly a packet of Marlboro's in the babes remains anonymous. I tried really reallllly hard to think of another non fashion brand with this kind of continuous feature in shoots and failed miserably. (although it was 2am so I'm sure my brain was not running full speed).
Pepsi and Dr Pepper give it a good hard go, but in the end Coke will always win.
p.s Writing this reminded me of the great Dr Pepper tee I used in my very first post, here
p.p.s you know Coca Cola even invented Santa Claus right? I mean, seriously, f^*k.

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