Monday, November 1, 2010

Lagerfeld Love

"Do you recall waking up on a dirty couch in the grey fog
And the grey dog barking down the street?
Columns shake your feet 
Beneath your feet.
Do you recall - your face was white as all?
Do you bone the sheets?
Do you think of me?
Your long lost friend from the sea.
How long with the heat?
How long was He?"

- Earthquake, Deerhunter

I would like to introduce you to the new love of my life.
These are my new vintage Karl Lagerfeld spectacles.
I left my Karen Walker's on my flight from Sydney to New York (tear), and have been on the hunt for the perfect replacement.
Also, I feel not wearing glasses for 2 and a half months has done some serious effing damage, so it was time to face the evil facts.
These make me feel like getting a million things done all at once as soon as they hit my face, so im fairly excited to seriously up the anti on the productive front from now on.
I also feel like people will be more likely to ask me intelligent questions, and be seriously confused with my spelling and grammatical issues at the same time.
p.s I have also cut my hair off, and I feel like a 10 year old, so the whole preppy school girl thing has hit another level. the end.


styleeast said...

These glasses are AMAZING! What a find. Are you back in Australia now? Nooooo...come back to London, I wanna hang out! xx

rosie said...

celeste you are seriously something special! love these photos! x x


the style crusader said...

these photos are adorable. the glasses look hottt and i love your little bow tie blouse. xx