Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cowboys and Indians

"First you want to ride off into the Sun
Then you want to shoot straight to the Moon
Make a plan to love me 
sometime soon"
-Make a Plan to Love Me, Bright Eyes

When you think of cowboys and indians, you think old old western movies right? in which there is constant conflict between the two groups. Because they are presented as total opposites in every way. Great drama really. Top notch entertainment.
Well I want you to throw all that out the window, and give it a sailors farewell!
Then I want you to picture that a cowboy and indian getting it on...leaving all their clothing mashed together on the floor of the teepee, next to the flaming fire. Then, I want you to run into the teepee, steal their clothes, and rock the vibe on out.
Yes. Delicious.
On this topic, I would like to introduce you to the very love child of this sex infused collaboration.
It's a cowboy shirt, with Indian beading and detailing. (can I get an AMEN!) 
I literally snatched this off the shelf as soon as my sneaky eyes scanned it from a distance at one of my secret op shops. It was a find so epic, I didn't even bother to try it on, 'cause you know its going to be amazing, just by looking at it (and touching it AND because I obviously had to get home and get wearing it asap)
Therefore I declare this union hot to trot and demand you try it. Grab a feather, add some spurs to your boots, you could even dangle some crystals from your hair ?(actually that is neither vibe. I'm just really into crystals) the end.

Shirt: vintage. Harmonica: Tombo Japan (gift from Cowboy when his band did 'south by southwest' in Texas).
Lipstick: Tom Ford Ginger Fawn. Feather: Dino the parrot, Indonesia.

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