Friday, November 19, 2010

Topsey Turvy

"It's the rule around
You don't choose it now
You can turn around
And get turned around

There's a ring around
She don't keep around
She don't fool around
When she fools around"

- Fool Around, American Analog Set

Amy Beckwith.
She is eye candy on a stick. Her doll-like features make me want to dress her up every time we hang out and keep her in my closet (not in a creepy way) as my very own vintage Barbie Doll (the vintage Barbies with a 50s housewife vibe)…so, I decided it needed to be done.
My new pink velvet couch, which I introduced to you here proved the perfect setting for the old school 'playboy' vibe I was going with. (you know, back in the day, when 'sexy' pictures of girls where actually really tame, modest and beautiful rather than in-you-face-fish-nets-and-fake-boobs?) Think Marylin Monroe (when she wasn't being nude)… she always had this sneaky suggestive look in her eye even if she was completely covered with a huge smile on her face...It's that pin-up girl vibe. Totally suggestive, but totally innocent at the same time.
So here's a sneak preview of the shoot to get your heart racing.
Have a sexy Vintage Playboy Friday lovers!
p.s she is up side down for a reason....the reason is so it is more of a tease. (and because up the right way I would probably need to put a 'heart-attack' warning on my blog. trust me.)
Photography: Alice Boshell
Clothing: All Vintage.
Tap Shoes: Bloc (borrowed from Mylee Milkshake).
Necklace: Disney Couture.
Teddy: Amy's Own


emilysarks said...

ah ah ah YES YES YES!!!
I turned my computer upside down just so i could get a gooood look.
Cant wait to see the rest of them!


upside down town