Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Big In Japan

"Many people wanna make money make love
make friends make peace with death
But most mainly want to win the game they came to win
they want to come out ahead
But you you're a rock with a heart like a socket I can plug into at will
And will you guess when I come around next
I hope your open sign is blinking still"

-Marry Me, St. Vincent

Well lovers, what better way to get my Japanese fix than the 'Big in Japan' exhibition, brainchild of the epic guys at Ksubi.
I'm not going to pretend that I particularly understood all of the art and music installations, but I sure as heck enjoyed them. One guy made 'music' through the complete steps it takes to make noodles, attaching microphones to pot's etc and ending it by slurping them into his mouth. (he did ask if anyone else was hungry, but vacant expressions were his only reply). One guy made beats to the Nintendo soundtrack by recording each section separately (making all the noises of musical instruments with his mouth) and his amount of energy and wacked-out personality literally had us all in stitches. My dear friend Chris thought he may be on drugs, but I simply stated: "no no, he is just Japanese!".
My favourite was the oversized bra and knickers. It made me want to live in house where everything is super oversized (kind of like that level in Super Mario Brothers on Super Nintendo) imagine how much fun that would be! I mean, the cups of this bra could easily double as an amazing soft and comfy hammock! And, it would be pretty cool to tell people that you slept in a bra (hey boys, hey?!) The possibilities are endless!
Anyway now I miss Tokyo more than ever and am daydreaming about me and all of my friends moving there and becoming Japanese. (Dan did mention to me I could pass as one whilst being interviewed for the Pedestrian video he was doing…I'm pretty sure my reaction was something along the lines of "holly effing heck! are you serious?!I would effing love to be japanese! I'm a massive FAN of JAPAN!")Oh no, now I need to go get Japanese for lunch! 
I was vibing an origami/Japanese paintings of small flowers kind of theme, and I found the most perfect skirt! It is completely embroidered and is in the most amazing shades of pink and orange…I really wanted to wear a matching headpiece, but ran out of time.
Ah well, next time!
Big thanks to George for the invite xx
Rose from FiftyFifty. I am in effing love with this girl.
You may recognise her as the vixen rolling around in my bed here
To give you an idea of size,
standing next to the bra, I didn't even reach the top of the first cup.

These two were so into each other, 
I was blinded to the fact that I actually 
don't even understand what they are wearing. 
They rock it with confidence though so that's a big √ from me.
I loved this guy's style
and whomever can wear green red and gold and 

not look like a Christmas elf
…has got it goin' on

Cassie: Assistant designer, One Teaspoon. 
Rocking chains like she means it.
I wore: Vintage skirt, Loveable Bra, Cotton On lace tee.

This image is courtesy of my buddies at LifeWithoutAndy

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