Monday, November 22, 2010

Chicken Dinner

"Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, it feels like years since it's been here
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
and I say it's all right"

-Here comes the sun, The Beatles

Winner Winner…
Now a few of you have asked me, 'how are you going to choose the winner'? which is a completely valid question. I scribbled all of your names down on pieces of post-it paper, and drew the winners name out of a hat! (well, I didn't have a suitable hat handy, so I actually drew it out of my Marc Jacobs laptop case…you know, to keep the vibe!)
So can I get a drum roll please!
"The winner is…"
And now can I get the 'Jaws' shark attack music to play...
Da na, Da na, Da na, Da na, Da na…
Congratulations lover! Please email me your postal address and you shall receive your Marc Jacobs tote very very soon!!!!
for those of you aware of my last name, and have put two and two together, yes we are related. "thats rigged!" I hear you shout, but no no its quite the opposite. All you had to do was be a follower in Australia to win. I never said "excluding family members". I like things to be fair-dinkim (is that you spell it?!) In fact, the only rule I will now put in place regarding competitions is that you cannot win twice in a row! There. Done. Dusted. Ooo wait till you see the next giveaway!

Since I drew the winner in my knickers before I jumped in bed last night, photo evidence was out of the question, so here are some completely un-related images from the Rozelle markets yesterday. Phoebe and I are made some dollar dollar bills ya'll. So much effing fun in the sun AND I found myself in 50 years! (well what I want to look like in 50 years. Fashionably speaking) Brush off the Monday-itis lovers and do something fun tonight in rebellion against how crappy they are! For example, I will be going to see Harry Potter again tonight (and it doesn't get much funner than that!)
There she is! Vivienne Westwood, Patricia Field deliciousness! In real life her hair was a million different shades of pink, orange and yellow!

Our stall. (I wish)

"make money money, make money money monAY!"

Phoebe's purchase of the day. Dusty pink fur √

"Do I really need these vintage binoculars?!" 

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