Thursday, November 4, 2010

Teaspoon of Toast

"warmest mouthful
let me have just a taste
when was I last home
white and grey stones"

-When was I last home, The Do
Just found this post by the one and only Fashion Toast.
She loves One Teaspoon!
This makes me so happy in the heart, levitating off the floor etc etc.
The images she has used here are from the Spring 2010 collection.
It's times like this you go, I effing love what I do. Frig, I wouldn't do anything else in the world. (Well, maybe if I got a role in the final Harry Potter film, I would take that statement back!) So nice when someone so epic does a shout out, and compliments something you had a part in creating. Hat's off to you toasty!
Check out her post by
clicking here

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