Sunday, November 7, 2010


"there is light in my lady's house
and there's none but some falling rain
this like a spoken word
she is more than her thousand names"

-In my lady's house, Iron and Wine

It isn't every day you wake up in a 1920s mood. Perhaps it's the rain, or perhaps it's the yearning to slink in dark smoky corners, but let me tell you, this vibe is brand spanking new to me.
A photograph by Peter Lindbergh still lingering in my brain, I whipped out the curlers, grabbed my pins and smacked on the lipstick.

Dress: vintage. Pins: H & M Lipstick: MAC Dark Side AA9


styleeast said...

Super gorgeous.

Come baaaaaack!! x

Shini said...

Wow you wake up in a period-mood? (not THAT period) Have you ever woken up in 3000 BC mood? I'd love to see you post something Egyptian. I dunno what you did with the photos but you look schmexy and mysterious at the same time.