Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Beginning

For those of you who are meeting me for the first time ('nice to meet you' curtsy), I just finished up designing for Aussie cult label One Teaspoon, after a 3 year love affair.
I found this interview from earlier this year, for Sarah from Beginning Boutique, and was happy to realise my point of view has not altered in terms of what I'm into (as it often wanders, in this industry, and I do get rightly obsessed about certain things).
I'm particularly still very passionate when it comes to the fashion plague that is still affecting millions the world over. Crocs.
Tell me you don't agree with my answer below:

3. What is your no. 1 styling tip?

Don't ever wear Crocs. Seriously. Fuck.
(Sarah Beginning Boutique: I'll have to send my mum the memo..)

How cute is Sarah's little real life, she better have given her mother the memo. As should you guys! (even though I already know, you know better)

To view the full interview

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Hope your having a lovely day my little hippie love children

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