Sunday, September 12, 2010

The King of Convenience

"Things seem so much better when
they're not part of your close surroundings. 
Like words in a letter sent, 
amplified by the distance. 
Possibilities and sweeter dreams, 
sights and sounds calling form far away, 
calling from far away."
singing softly to me - kings of convenience

Saturday in the village.
Thank effin heck for that!
I felt saddened by the lack of headpieces I brought with me on this trip, so decided I needed to get nifty. Quick smart. To fill the void.
The antique fur I found in the town of Bird-In-Hand, Pennsylvania, (yes that really is the name of the town! Now can you see how 1/7th of my soul was left there?!) includes a matching collar and hand warmer, made of (at a guess) Sheep's wool and rabbit? So they both have this looooooooong section of fur attached which is so so rare, as most fur finds are short and (dare i say it) common.
So, I decided, to wear the collar as a hat. It does up at the front, so I moved that section to the back and bang! fur hat!
In these photos it seems extreme, but i can move it round to have the shortest section at the front. It's  just, after spending all day falling in love with Emilio Pucci at the store down the street, i was feeling a little bizarre. 
Now, I just need to wait for London to get chilly enough to rock it without effin sweating (serious note to pommies : your weather is warm and FINE! I understand you get snow, which by the way is beautiful, but PLEASE stop telling me how unbearable your weather is, and how 'fantastic' your tube system is. You are all very mislead. the end.)

Fur collar and hand warmer: Bird-In-Hand Antique store
Rings : Antique safari store Manila, Tiffany & Co, One Teaspoon
Bra : American Apparel
Lipstick : MAC


Anonymous said...

I love the name of this blog. And your hair is to die for. <3


Celeste said...

Thanks Nesha! Glad you enjoyed it.
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