Monday, September 27, 2010

To Market To Market!

"And they all want to love the cause
'Cause they all need to be the cause
They all want to fuck the cause"

- Cause = Time, Broken Social Scene

I was lucky enough to get an insiders tour of the deliciously amazing Brick Lane and Spitalfield (yes, I googled how to spell it correctly girls!) Jen (styleeast) and Kit (style slicker)met me for some vintage digging and coffee drinking, people watching and people snapping.
This is certainly my kind of nook, and my favorite area in London.
Highlight of the day was Jen nearly getting mauled by a group of super angry anti-fur protesters.
They stood at the door of the epic vintage store Beyond Retro(there was only 1 entrance mind you!), and yelled at people as they walked into the shop.
Jen was wearing a faux fur shrug from H&M and I saw one of them spot her from across the street and whisper to the others.
It was on.
Kit and I stood in front of her, genuinely concerned yelling "it's fake fur, it's FAKE!", but Jen took it in her stride and waltzed straight up there!
I was hesitant and lingered behind, and one of them yelled out "wearing fake supports the industry!", which actually, to her credit, made me think twice about what she had said....
As I followed the others inside, one man at door yelled 'If you buy anything from this store you are supporting what they are doing".
Frightened as F%$K I said back, "i'm not going to buy anything!"....and as soon as those words came out of my mouth I knew I was doomed to find THE most amazing stuff I have ever laid my vintage sleazy eyes upon!
As we walked in we were greeted with a whole rack of vintage fur, and any doubts I had quickly slipped out the window. Kit and I proceed to hug the fur in gratitude (see below), and as a protest right back at them!!!
My rule has always been that if it is vintage, I did not kill an animal....but am I supporting the industry by wearing it?! I would really like to know what you think, because this could actually be a life-changing, style-altering moment right here....and I'm effing FREAKING OUT!
Oh yeh, and there were really cool people and artworks everywhere and it made me very happy, and Kit wore Jeremy Scott sunglasses and I nearly fainted when I saw them.
The end.

Jen wore....vintage dress and brogues

leather from ebay
faux fur shawl H&M
(this was pre-protest attack)

I wore...Jacket: Dsquared

Dress: Jil Sander
Clogs: Michael Kors
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Kit wore....
Red vintage hat - Christy's London from Beyond Retro
T-shirt - Comic Relief from TK MAXX
Silk scarf - MEXX
Jeans - Levi's
Sunglasses - JEREMY SCOTT
Belt - MEXX
Leather Jacket - from Hong Kong
Vintage camera - YASHICA FX-3 Super 2000


styleeast said...

I am peeing myself laughing at this! (not literally, just for the record). Oh my god, I so thought I was getting pig-blooded by the protesters. I love how we were all yelling from a safe distance "it's faaaaaaake" ha ha! Love this photo of Kit (HOW many different things are you wearing though, Kit?!) and the one of the fur hugging just cracks me up. I'll stop going on now and all I will say is it's such a shame you now have to leave :(

Kit said...

Gosh that was frightening, finger pointing at Jen. I would tell them 'CAN A CANON!!!!'

theflowerdrum said...

the chick in the first photo with the fishy handbag reminds me of me.

the style crusader said...

ah! this looks like such a fun day! love all your outfits and the photo by the fur... animal rights protestors are freaking psycho. they are mental in oxford. glad you guys survived! xx