Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh Manolo!

"Bad kids all my friends are bad kids
product of no dad kids
kids like you and me

Bad kids aint no college grad kids
livin life out on the skids
kids like you and me"
-Bad Kids, Black Lips

Last week I attended the opening of Manolo Blahnik's collection in Liberty (thanks to Natalie and SLAM PR xx).
It was a super private party with only around 30 of us, sipping on delicious cocktails, chatting, and all avoiding the awkwardness of eating the fish and chips out of up side down cones.
(well, that's why I didn't eat it, but I presume their were a few less healthy thoughts circulating the space)!
We were then privileged enough to hear Manolo give a talk about his love for film, (which was born, and has developed, from not being able to sleep at night. He stated, "Since I don't sleep, I choose to do other things with my time". A statement in which I will ALWAYS remember.) He truly is an encyclopedia full of film knowledge. It was incredible to hear him speak. 
Best dressed goes to Manolo's neice Kristia, who wore a design by her friend Antonio Berardi(who also attended, you would know him best as designing the crazy boots with no heel that Victoria Beckham released on the world!) She honestly looked like a fashion illustration. Incredible long limbs, and she just naturally made geometrical shapes with her body as she glided through the room. It was hard not to stare.
When we left, I looked inside my Liberty tote gift bag to find a signed copy of a Manolo Blahnik illustration book, with sketches of some of his most famous design's.
I felt four years old again, and nearly made the cab grow wings and fly off the street with all the happiness jumping out of my heart (kind of like the flying car in Harry Potter.p.s I actually had to download and watch Harry Potter the other day because being in London is just too much of a tease....I'm still searching for Diagon Alley, I'll keep you posted)
Me and the main man himself

Left, I wore top: Laugh Cry Repeat, vintage fur collar found in Bird-In-Hand Antiques Pennsylvania
Right: Bianca Jagger and Manolo Blahnik

Kristina Blahnik, Antonio Berardi. Right: Lara Bohinc

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