Friday, September 10, 2010

Another Day Another Labyrinth

"tell me, baby, tell me 
does his company make 
light of a rainy day? 
how i've missed you lately 
and the way we would speak 
and all that we wouldn't say 

do his hands in your hair 
feel a lot like a thing 
you believe in 
or a bit like a bird 
stealing bread out from under your nose?"
- Bird Stealing Bread, Iron and Wine

I made it to London and was greeted with non other than rays of sunshine and smiling flowers!
The only food available was a small japanese place at the end of the (extremely long) cobble stone street.
(poor me, sigh)
So I was clashing somewhere between  the film "The Secret Garden" vs a Harajuku vibe....
(although Harajuku is kinda always my vibe. I practically pour it over my muesli in the mornings)
I cannot even express the amount of love in my heart for my new (vintage) Michael Kors black suede clogs (praise the lord for the New York, loaded, size 7 shoe, fashionably-retarded enough woman to not realise the magic of these beauties)
They are a  match made in heaven for my older sister's frilly school socks (from 8 years ago), my never-fail sorbet Topshop dress, my Australian Army vintage military jacket and my Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag.
As soon as these photo's were taken the sun dissapeared and it never came back.

Welcome to London?


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ASH! Xoxo

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Chloë said...

love your blog :) and your bag. cute color!

Celeste said...

Hi Guys thanks for your comments!
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