Saturday, September 18, 2010

Home Sweet Home

"Girls !
We are not crazy
We're not afraid of you grown-ups
We'll go ask the queen of this kingdom
If you won't let us play with screws and hammers

Boys !
We are not shady
We are not afraid of you adults
We'll go talk to the king of this kingdom
If you won't let us play with dolls"
- Playground Hussle, The Do

I'm missing home today. I love my house. I'm so lucky.
It's an old, tucked away beach shack with pastel mint walls, a view of the ocean, and a super sunny balcony with cock-a-too's galore!
So I thought I'd share a shoot that friend's of mine, Angus and Julia Stone did there.
I did some styling for Julia, but it was more like she would come over and play in my styling room, and we would have a tea party and swap vintage treasures.
They are embarking on a European tour at the moment, following the sold out Australian tour they have just completed.
I can't wait to see them rock Berlin, and hopefully do some more vintage clothes swapping.

(bring your Sunday finest Julia! and don't forget my bright orange maxi cape dress with the sunflowers! I'll put the kettle on!)
Photography : Henry K
Featured Knome : Borris

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