Friday, September 24, 2010

More More More

"Eyeless in the morning sun you were
pale and mild, a modern girl
taken with thought, still prone to care
makin tea in your underwear
you went out in the yard to find
something to eat and clear your mind
something bad inside me went away"
- Those to come, The Shins

 After reminissing about my home the other day with the shots of Angus and Julia Stone, I remembered another shoot we did there, for the epic webiste weartogetit.
It was a profile on me, designing, and favorite hang's.
I love the photography, and it really captures the strangeness and epicness of my den.
Word of warning: I had pink hair. It didn't suit me. It lastest a week. I promise I won't do it again. (until I feel like it mwahahaha!)

Vintage beaded dress from my favorite sneaky antique store in the Northern Beaches

To check it on out,

click here


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styleeast said...

This dress is gorgeous! Looking forward to our wandering and photographing on Sunday if you still fancy it! x