Tuesday, September 28, 2010

For the love of Pom Pom's

pom pom head piece

Now, apparently I seem to be the only unlucky soul to have missed 'how to make a pom pom' lesson in primary school (which, mind you, I was extremely upset about, and would truly love it if some of you missed that class also....so I do not feel like some sort of Primary school badie, who always missed classes and instead chased boys around the play ground in her favorite game of kiss and catch). Actually let me come out of the brackets for a second, as you must know, for the record, I was really effing into primary school. Probably too into it. I wanted to do everything. I did everything. So now you might see why this pom pom matter is very confusing for me. Surely I sat there, at the front of the class, listening to every word and wanting to be the fastest person to finish the exercise? (let it go, let it go).
Ok I'm back.
So anyway, my friend Holly Hipwell (I am mentioning her last name as it is a very primary school thing to do) showed me how to do it not long before I sold up my whole life and moved away (I'm also feeling a little cranky today) and ever since I have wanted to make a headpiece made of HUMUNGOR pom poms. When I went to broadway markets (more coming soon) I found the cutest fabric store with the thickest wool I have ever seen! So, last night, Ladies and gentlemen...I did it.
Here is how:
1. decide on how big you want your little beauties to be and cut 2 X cardboard donuts accordingly.
2. cut off a piece of wool long enough to go around the outer edge of the donut, leave to the side.
3. tie the end of your yarn of wool around the two donuts, so they are pressed together.
4. Slither the seperate piece you cut in step 2 in-between the two donuts, so you can see the ends poking out.
5. wrap your wool round and round and round the donut until there are no gaps.
6. brace yourself, this next part is hard.
7.using sharp scissors, cut in-between the two donuts at the outer edge, making sure non of the wool falls off the donut.
8. pull the two ends of the looped wool (done in step 4.) all the way together and knot.
9. remove from donuts and you have your pom pom! (horray!)
warning : this may take longer than you would expect it to. I reccomend super thick wool, and some super strong patience. Dont give up after 1 like I did and try and make it work. It won't.

photo's of the actual head piece to come...stay posted xx


theflowerdrum said...

oh donkey! i love this. I love that wool too! look at your nails. gosh i miss you.

Anonymous said...

Cel Belle, you've never posted the pictures of the headpiece, and I have been waiting and waiting for oh... about seven months now. Soon? Please? With a knitted cherry on top? x

thecowboygeisha said...

hey there sneaky little anonymous!
Truth be told, I didnt snap some shots but was disappointed with the head wearing the headpiece so never posted them!
email me your address and I'll send it to you especially