Friday, October 1, 2010

Pass Fail

"She went to see a mystic 
Who made medicine from rain
And gave up her existence 
To feel everything, dream others dreams
Bid farewell to her family 
With one ecstatic wave 
(Please take care, I love you all)
Out the window as the car rolled away
She just vanished into a thick mist of change"

-Hot knives, Bright Eyes

Now unfortunately throughout London Fashion Week there were some shows and spectators that were.....a little less than impressive.
(not to complain. gosh. any show is an interesting experience)
It did give me an idea though.
For a 'pass and fail' post.
But keep in mind, the people named here are lovely and even if they have ended up in the 'fail' category, I'm sure I just caught them in a 'non-celeste' type moment. Which, is absolutely effing fine really, as this is just my opinion.

Feel free to let me know yours.
Frankie Sandford from The Saturday's...

Fail: a corset style prom dress? come on love. seriously? sack the stylist.

Front row...

Fail: glasses that light up like glow sticks. 
You can also see the confusion regarding the matter in the guy on the far rights's expression. 

Jasper Conran show...
Pass: Pastel mixing

Jasper Conran show...
Fail: Mesh, races style hats. They honestly killed the whole collection

David Nyanzi got a bit of both..
Pass: bow-tie. always.
Fail: bright green polo shirt and a wallet chain.


mathew gardner said...

wicked shots dude check it, new blog.

F Blog said...

haha i love you. you are funny. come back sooooon.

Celeste said...

naw thanks Danielle. let's have a drink (when your not hungover) when I come back through yes? yes!xx

Platform Princess said...

You are freaking hilarious. The last 'bit of both' comment made me giggle.

Come back so we can play soon. xx

Celeste said...

you KNOW its true! come on!
yes yes I'll be back before you know it and you'll be like...did you EVEN LEAVE?!
(love it)

theflowerdrum said...

Light up glasses. Um, i thnk i want to like them. Oh NO!
Ummm yeah i think i do.