Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shall We?

"I was a movin' man
In my younger days
But I've grown out
Of my ramblin' ways

I left that road
So far behind
And now I know
I got mine"

- I got mine, The Black Keys

Matthew Zorpas
He has been voted the second best dressed guy in the UK, and literally took London Fashion Week by storm.
Everyone was effing going on about this guy, and to be honest i was like "well, who the f%#k is he anyway?" (in my naive state).
He came and hung out for a while the other day, as we ran between buildings in Brick Lane to escape the rain.
He self described this day 'casual day', as after all the Fashion Week outfit madness, everyone was really vibing anything effing comfy. (I'm actually quite certain most people would have preferred to rock around in pajama's throughout London in fact, and if I had a Jeremy Scott 'all-in-one' I'm positive I would gone there).
So here he is, the man himself.
p.s we decided that the two of us are going to do our own Fashion Week in Berlin somehow. So stay tuned!
A button up cord shirt? In Mustard? A suit jacket with a vest attached? The answer is yes.

The backpack. Awesome.


styleeast said...

Ah what fabulous photos! And you met Matthew?! Yay! When are you heading to Berlin? I hope you will be back soon for more Brick Lane wanderings! x

Kit said...

I can't believe it was shot outside in the rain, it's like it's being shot in a studio.
Lovely snap!
come back to London soon!

the style crusader said...

gorgeous. love the (is it cord?) shirt. the backpack is great too. matthew is a little star. not sure when Berlin Fashion Week takes place... would be very cool to go though. safe travels little love. xx