Sunday, October 10, 2010

The beginning of the end

"Whatever trepidation you may feel
In your heart you know it´s not real
In a moment of clarity
Some little act of charity

You gotta pull me out of this mud
Sweet baby I need fresh blood"

- Fresh Blood, The Eels

(guest song choice by Burnt Sienna)

Day 1 = 
-dress-ups in our epic apartment
-rolling 'round on our water bed
-searching for low fat milk
-trying to learn more than one German word (other than Vunderbar. Which, to be honest, is quite a fantastic answer to most things anyway...)
-overcoming my fear of not remembering how to ride a bike...statement that snapped me out if it: "riding a bike is like riding a bike", Elliot.

side note: although playing dress-ups for no reason is more than ok. In fact, its absolutely phenomenal... This dress-up session was born for quite a significant reason. We started off in the wrong area of the city, and our first impressions were severely damaged by an abundance of un-friendly stares from fellow passer's by. Used to wearing whatever we want (and not being stared at for it), we were quite taken-aback and this resulted in us feeling forced to wear the 'jeans and tee-shirt' combo around (not even with jewellery. effing heck. i know right!)
So with an hour to kill, in the safety of our home, we had to vent and get our fashion hit.
We have since found our nook of the city and feel free to voice our fashion opinions (thank goodness!)

Stay tuned, as I have had quite a huge sway in style since being here...totally radical babes. You'll see what I mean very very soooooon.

Clothing: All vintage
Clogs: my own
Rachael's shoes: Beaucoops


styleeast said...

I'm basically just horrendously jealous at everything to do with the last 2 posts! I wanna be in Berlin playing dress-up! x

the style crusader said...

i love you and you seriously crack me up. the photos are great (that bow!) and i can't wait to see your style update... xx