Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bow Down

"violently happy
come calm me down
before i get into trouble

i tip-toe down to the shore
stand by the ocean
make it roar at me
and i roar back"

-Violently Happy, Bjork

We danced on over to the Peter Lindbergh 'On Street' exhibition at the C/O Berlin, and boy oh boy...this man is a fashion photography legend.
Embarrassingly enough, I was unaware of his statuer in the industry, and could not have put his photographs to his name, but this made me think...there are so many amazing fashion photographers in which I am constantly 
staring at their work, and almost worship the images they create, and yet, I know nothing of them.
Tisk, tisk to me right?
Don't worry, I am going to make a solid effort to read up on my favorite's from here on in!
Peter's images are so iconic, you will recognise his 90s supermodel portraits for sure.
Mainly in black and white.
He stated in an interview that to fail at fashion photography is to go into the room with the exact image you want to create. The image must be about the subject. You have to open up what they have to offer, and bring out their true 
selves in order to create a masterpiece.
I thought that would be uber interesting for all the budding photographers out there, and it actually got me super 
inspired to bring that knowledge to the next fashion shoot I do....(not on this blog, in the real world silly billy's)
Tell you what, it also made me ponder that the denim overall is back?

Wearing: Michael Kors shirt, Topshop man bowtie, One Teaspoon shorts, Jessie Hill pom pom knit, same old boots.


styleeast said...

Niiiiiiiiice! Love the bowtie x

the style crusader said...

your berlin photos look so stinking cool. am definitely feeling the whole overalls look... have you seen the alexa chung ones for Madewell. ohhh they are cool. would love to find some vintage ones. xx