Monday, October 18, 2010


"I hope you always find someone to take you home
To put you into bed, kiss your cheek, and check your pulse
Make sure you're still breathing with their hand up to your nose
I wish that could be me but its just not possible"

- Breakfast in Bed, DNTL

Different places do different things to my style. Its become a bit of a joke. 
My latest adventure was to Salzburg, Austria.
"Why Salzburg?" I hear you ask. The answer is....I have no effing idea, but if I was going to throw a stick to the wind (is that even a saying?!) I would say "The Sound of Music".
My all-time favourite childhood memories consist of trying to re-create scenes from this film with my three sisters. Dressing up and singing 'Coo-coo' (although to this very day I have no idea of the words)....leaping around in a circle like Liesl, and running around our backyard shouting the lyrics to 'Do-Ray-Me' (effing heck that song gets me excited!), are just a few of the amazing things this story does to the imagination....
Salzburg is where the movie was filmed and was also the home to the original Von Trapp family. And yes, my eldest sister and I did the sound of music tour. About five minutes in I plaited my hair in two plaits, and even people on the street and in restaurants smirked at me like "oh dear. that girl has actually dressed in costume for the Sound of Music tour"...which only made me think...I wish I DID dress up properly for it!I would have gone all out if I had planned it in advance. There's always next time? (probably not).
Highlight (apart from the tour, der) was walking around all the crazy amazing churches and graveyards. The pinnacle was a monastery carved into a cliff face...the only way to see it was tiny church windows in the was the spookiest, strangest, most incredible thing I have ever seen. Also the 'torture chamber' in the castle rattled every single bone in my body...they even had the instruments in which they used still in there. Creep-town.
Anyway I thought I would use this post as a sneak preview to the answer of my previous tease of saying : "my style has had a serious swing" by introducing you to my new lipstick.
Welcome to my dark side. 

D&G Jacket, Topshop man tee (courtesy of cowboy), antique necklace, MAC lipstick


Kit said...

Salzburgh, blooming heck I can't pronounce the work...oh well Saltburgh then.

Oooo I would love to visit that part of the country! I only been to France, Brussels, Italy and Holland :S

Missssss you too!!!

the style crusader said...

please tell me what lipstick that is that you're wearing. i am obsessed with it. you look gorgeous. totally love that braid. xx