Friday, October 29, 2010


"I could have been a sailor, could have been a cook
A real live lover, could have been a book.
I could have been a signpost, could have been a clock
As simple as a kettle, steady as a rock"

-One of these things first, Nick Drake

I have never been priviledged enough to have experienced the 'pay by kilo' vintage shopping, and there could not have been a better place to get the stomach fluttering and the happiness in the heart then Garage, Berlin.
Something about the layout and display of this place snapped me quickly into 'vintage shopping mode' and I automatically zoned on in to the deliciousness. It is put into garment category, then colour coordinated...what more could one want?
Piece by piece, rack by rack, I scanned every item (with what I think is an in-built, vintage analyzer I have in my brain...rare vintage-check, good quality-check,strange epicness-check, good fit-check = winner)
I am so effing thrilled with all of my purchases (even though there is physically no way they will fit in my suitcase, and I will look like the craziest person on the plane with more layers than cents-literally), that it has been less than 24 hours since they arrived in my grubby little hands and I have worn them ALL!
oh yehhhhhhhhhhhh.
p.s I secretly wore odd socks, and didn't realise until the end of the day that they had wormed their way up my leg. the end.

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styleeast said...

This place sounds pretty fricking amazing! And I love your boots (and odd socks!)x