Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You Dirty Carni

"They will see us waving from such great
Heights, 'come down now,' they'll say
But everything looks perfect from far away,
'come down now,' but we'll stay..."

-Such Great Heights, The Postal Service

The creepy carnival has hit town and what better way to touch my childhood heart than to hit it up with 3 of the coolest kids I know.
I also thought it was the perfecto opportunity to take a snap shot of the amazing 'Poppy Collar' giveaway piece and announce the winner!!!!
(sorry I'm a tad late, I have been surfing like 3 times a day lately!)
On top of all that I also wanted to show you the new dress I made! I wore it to our 'Secret Garden' lunch the other day (below) but didn't really give you a dirty proper look at it.
This (a fancier version) is what I want to wear on my wedding day.
Hold your effing horses I'm not getting married! If I was you would surely know about it! Promise.
Carni's, fairy floss, too many baby lightbulbs to ever count, kids shooting things, clowns with rotating heads,  teenagers on mushrooms…it doesn't get much more entertaining than this!
I even took some shots of cowboy eating a dagwood dog that look so rude I can hardly glance at them without getting personally upset and I absolutely could NOT show you on here. I would need an 18+ warning.
After getting absolutely effing slammed in the dodgem area (which, by the way, is so effing dangerous!both my knees are brushed and I'm fairly certain I have actual physical whiplash!) here is a sum up of the utter weirdness and undoubtable awesomeness of my carnival experience.
Dress: thecowboygeisha, collar: Stolen From, Bag: Vintage Moschino
Introducing Bowie!
Introducing Kyte!

Such great heights


how much does this creep you out! (notice that was not a question it was indeed a statement!)

Rocky Rover showing his latest ink.

Move it or loose it buddy!

The Winner is...D├ęsordre!!!!!
Email me your address a.s.a.p so this delicious 

'Poppy Collar' can hit your doorstep 
before the festive season officially begins! xx


All The Pretty Things said...

I absolutely LOVE the dress you made... do you make to order?? x x x

guccilily said...

i love creppy carnivals! and your dress is soo cool! :D