Friday, December 17, 2010

Naughty or Nice?

"Got no sleigh with reindeer
No sack on my back
You're gonna see me comin' in a big black caddilac
Oh, it's Christmas time pretty baby
And the snow is falling on the ground
Well you be a real good little baby
Santa Claus is back in town"
- Santa Claus is back in town, Elvis Presley

Oh my little beloveds, have a got a festive season treat for you!
Emily Sarks, has donated to the Cowboy Geisha cause! (sounds like some sort of twisted charity doesn't it!)
She has amazingly given one of her 'Poppy Collars' from her latest Stolen From Collection for one lucky loveboat to win! Competition will end this Sunday (please remember how I do like to give presents on a Sunday!) This is 100% because I want to get it to you before christmas, as this garment is the perfect Christmas Day accessory!

So here's what to do…go grab a pen and paper (orrrrrr since you are on a computer, get ready to copy and paste? derrrrr. Please excuse my morning brain)
1. Smile because it is Friday! (hooray!)
2. Become a 'follower' of The Cowboy Geisha on Bloglovin or Blogger
3. If you are a follower on Bloglovin you must 'like' this post. Or, if you are a follower on Blogger, you must comment on this post telling me what you would like to see more of on The Cowboy Geisha in the new year!
4. The more your in it, the better chance you have of winning it, so follow on both if you dare! Heck create new email address's and follow ten times if you want! The odds shall be with you (bows)

Don't know how to become a follower? Click here for my step by step instructions!


Natascha said...

Keep it up Cel! More photo shoots with crazy one of's and where to go to get them


I'd definitely like to see more of you in the blog because I think you're style is amazing. And more sneak peaks into your job as a stylist would be awesome.