Friday, December 3, 2010

Vampirate Vintage

"That's right, they had it all worked out
You were young and blonde and you could never do wrong
That's right, they were so surprised
You opened their eyes up
(opened their eyes up)
Opened their eyes up"

-Run to Paradise, Choir Boys

As per promised here is the first adventure of our vintage surf session.
Stripes was the vibe, sunset was the tide.
Shooting in waist deep water, trying to get action shots, and keeping a sneaky eye on the approaching waves has proven to be quite a challenge. It has also made me realise that I perhaps need a camera up-grade (Christmas present HINT mum!). Although, if I were to perhaps invest in a new Canon (always Canon, never anything else) I would probably be too nervous to get it anywhere near water right? Therefore I am stuck in mud (is that a saying or a children's game), or perhaps it is more appropriate to stay I am stuck in sand on this sticky tricky situation.
All in all, at the end of the day, I just hope you can see the amount of fun we are having! And for those of you battling snow right now, I hope you can disappear into your screen for a second and imagine you are in a flimsy vintage dress here with me!
p.s shout out to Sydney kids, I am doing the Manly Markets tomorrow and am selling literal bucket loads of top-knotch vintage, designer, and even some designer vintage (gasp!) You will also get to see a preview of the secret project I have been working on..(Oh never fear non-Sydneyans, you shall see it all right here very very soon!)
p.p.s can I please ask that no-one do any rain dances tonight? cheers


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the style crusader said...

it is FREEZING in england. i am so so jealous of these gorgeous shots. these are amazing! xx

Parachute Pants said...

Peachy sunsets! Beauuuutiful x