Monday, December 13, 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole

"…and there´s gold falling from the ceiling of this world
falling from the heartbeat of this girl
falling from the things we should have learned
falling from the things we could have heard "

-And the boys, Angus and Julia Stone

I'd like you all to meet my beautiful friend Emily Sarks!
A super talented jack-of-all-trades she designs and creates her own collections for her love child label 'Stolen From', she is a celebrity make-up artist, and to top it all off… a costume designer and maker for such things as the new Art vs Science music video.
You can spot her a mile away with her white blonde afro (never without a bow in it!), a vintage inspired dress, immaculate nails and lipstick to boot!
Today I jumped over to her studio to get a sneaky glimpse of where the magic happens and have a little sewing bee together. (fruits of our labor coming soon and in post below)
Folk music blaring, eating apples and playing dress-ups with all of her costumes, I have a baby feeling in my heart that this may become a regular occurance.

Everything this woman makes I want in my wardrobe, and I know you will feel the same when you check it on out. It is vintage Alice in Wonderland/little bow peep deliciousness with a sneaky hint of naughty splashed in there at the last minute! (a little bit of naughty goes a long way). I use her stuff for styling alot, especially when playing dress-ups with Julia Stone, and I loved using her vintage inspired lingere on Rose here
There is nothing else quite like it, and noone else quite like little miss Emily Sarks!
Here are some snaps of my favorite picks from her last collection. I almost want to use the "F" word! (refreign restrain!) and some snaps of us in her her studio! 
p.s my hot to trot girls Christmas/Emily's engagement 'Secret Garden' theme lunch is this Sunday and I literally cannot wait! It will be candy for the eyes and mouths! stay tuned love boat loverrrrrrrs.
p.p.s welcome welcome to all the new lovers out there. I love you back xx

Emily looking super cute in vintage, and me looking a little too fleshy (its not my fault it was the heat!) in Cotton On lace tee and American Apparel skirt, flower crown off Emily's rack, vintage Karl Lagerfeld glasses and Berliner vintage boots


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