Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cactus Cool


Friends say it's fine, friends say it's good
Ev'rybody says it's just like Rock and Roll
I move like a cat, charge like a ram
Sting like a bee, babe I wanna be your man
Well it's plain to see you were meant for me, yeah
I'm your boy, your 20th century toy"
-20th Century Boy, T. Rex

There ain't nothin cooler than a cactus, and in this unbearable humidity I am literally grasping at straws (or spikes?)Please excuse my whingy mood, I just tried to go for a surf and the water is a few degrees from freezing with not a wave in sight.
It's one of those days where you end up having a cold shower five times in a row for some sort of relief!
I had a little sewing bee with my good friend Emily (that rhymes!) and knocked up this little number.
Its a super epic dirty grey chiffon oversized tee.
You can hardly see it in these polaroids but alas my camera has no batter-y
The charger has a Hong Kong prong but I am in Sydne-y
(have you figured out I am rapping yet?)
Anyway its a little risk-y (still going)
So it needed to be teamed with something that would distract from my tits, and I found the most perfect thing!
Its a printed spandex jersey skirt, with a printed gypsy band across the front. Im in actual love with it.
When I went to a fortune teller the other day they said I woud meet the love of my life in April, but I think I just met it? ohhhhhhhhhhhh she ment a man? silly me.
Alice McCall pieces have always been a favourite of mine, and she is beauty on a stick. Miss you Al.
Thank you to my spunky little sister Bryony for snapping the polaroids. xx

Top: collaboration of thecowboygeisha + Stolen From, Skirt: Alice McCall, Lipstick: The Makeup Store

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styleeast said...

gorgeous, as always. Love the polariods too x