Thursday, December 16, 2010

Peggy Sue

"Oh Billy Lee your my girl (woah woah woah)
I don't recall saying that you were (woah woah woah)
And I've been smoking in your bed (woah woah woah)
Your puttin' all your butts out on the floor (woah woah woah)

Oh Maggie May your my girl (woah woah woah)
I don't recall saying that you were (woah woah woah)
Your clipping your toenails in the bed(woah woah woah)
You leave your dirty undies on the floor (woah woah woah)"
-Billy Lee, Maggie May, Peggy Sue, Goons of Doom

Remember Amy?Oh yes you do! My 70s Playboy Barbie Doll.
Well here is the trailer trash shoot I have been promising.
Alice Boshell behind the lens, and me pouring the vodka over ice (better known as directing and styling). Im really vibing 'tacky Australia' at the moment and wanted to do a shoot with dirty sunshine lighting,  highlighting our culture with BBQ's on the balcony and slushees from 7-eleven. I guess landing back in Australia from being away for quite a while, I saw it all with a new perspective. Thats right, after hitting up all the 'concrete jungles where dreams are made of' (I literally cant stop this lyrics banter can I?!) it has really hit me slap bang bop in the face how unique Australia is. I'm really into it. We are a kooky bunch, and Im fairly certain no-one else on the planet (except for the cool kids from New Zealand, mainly just because they are a swim away) really understands what the heck we are on about half the time. Awesome.
Anyway, heres a little poem to set the scene before you delve into your eyeball candy.

Her daddy drinks Jack, 
and her man owns a caravan
She can ride bareback,
and she ain't got no plan
Her cars got flames,
she don't remember names
She owns a cockatoo and can play a didgeridoo,
You gotta love my Peggy Sue.

Vest: Ksubi, Bra: Stolen From, Shorts: One Teaspoon, Boots: Vintage from LA,
Necklace: Disney Couture, Rings: my usual, Cuff: One Teaspoon, 'fuck' bracelet: made by me

Top: Vintage from Cowboy, Shorts: vintage Levis, Boots: Vintage from LA
Rings: King Baby, WALD, One Teaspoon, Tiffany & Co, Oroviola

Jacket: Leather vintage, Tee: Armani, Bra: Loveable, Spanks: David Jones,
Necklace: Vintage mountain crystal from Berlin, Rings: as above

Photography: Alice Boshell
Concept † clothing: thecowboygeihsa
Hair † Makeup: thecowboygeihsa
Model: Amy Beckwith
Location: My northern beaches love shack


the style crusader said...

yowza! she is crazy hot! these shots are gorgeous! i love the styling and how whole vibe behind it. really awesome celeste. xx

emilysarks said...

i effing LOVE this!
AMY you are hot!

Gorgeous Clara said...

great pics! I love the leopard shorts!

Stephanie said...

your quite the poet my darling! I so look forward to your posts, they brighten my day.

Parachute Pants said...

This is really inspiring, you have a great eye

Whora said...

Great post, love your blog.

x W

Chuck said...

Love the leopard print pants! Wondering if I could pull them off... x

♥ myrrh goldframe ♥ said...

stunningly hawt!

Myrrh Goldframe

styleeast said...

More amazing work, love it! Is that your shack of styling room joy? I wanna visit!! x