Sunday, December 5, 2010

Do I?

"Twist your head around
It's all around you
All is full of love
All around you"
- All is full of love, Bjork

Tricky little f#*kers.
There is something about this occasion that gets my fashion knickers in a twist (and not in the good way).
What do you wear to a wedding? It may indeed be the fact that I, am still so youthful that basically none of my friends have yet taken the plunge (thank the lord…about being youthful, not about the lack of oaths), and therefore I have basically no practise at creating appropriate yet epic outfits that stay true to my style, whilst not offending any grandma's. It seriously is the only event in which I get all flustered and get the whingy cringy voice going : "I have NOTHING to wear!"
But my friends, this story has a happy ending!
I found it!
I did it!
It is also thanks to the theme given to this particular wedding : 'vintage' (!!!!!!!)
Actually it is thanks to a great collective of people (gosh I feel like I'm about to do an Oscars speech!)
In the end I figured out this : Don't think just because it is a wedding you have to go shopping to a lame Westfield and buy a 'formal' dress from some pathetic label like 'Wish' to look right. You need to feel awesome and yourself at the same time! A cool way to do this is to trash it up abit with accessories. If you have a super pretty dress, wear as many chunky rings as you can! If your feeling a little too 'pink' have black or deep red nails! And in the end, flowers in your hair is always a plus (just don't get too extravagant or the bride might get cranky).
the end.


emilysarks said...


Parachute Pants said...

LOVE your clogs. Diane von Furstenburg?

thecowboygeisha said...

Hey there! No I actually designed these myself. Glad you like them xx

Parachute Pants said...

P.s stoked for your comment! Glad you liked my post xx

the style crusader said...

why are you such a stinking babe? you designed the shoes yourself?!?? whaaaat??? absolutely adore your outfit and the flowers. can i just say that if i could raid one closet i think it might be yours. xx