Thursday, May 10, 2012


I'm stuck on the L.A. freeway,
Got rain water in my boots,
My thumbs done froze, can't feel my toes,
I feel a little destitute.
Wheels throwing water all over my axe
And Mr. Jones won't lend me a hand.
Up come two cats in a Cadillac
And they say, "Won't you hop in, man ?"
I went flying high
All the way — all the way.

Flying High, Country Joe & the Fish

There's nothing that I feel like doing more when I finish shooting a range, than grabbing a vintage pistol and shooting something else.
One thing I learned about handling guns, is I have a terrible aim. (note: pic 2 below where the revolver is almost going sideways. yep.) 
I, embarrassingly enough wasn't even really sure which eye to close and which to keep open.
No wonder I never won any toys at the Easter Show or when the Carnival came to town (fail).
Learn something new everyday heyyyyyyyyyy √
This was after a delirious evening of product shots for my jewellery range (more on that at a later date lovers)

Oh, who is the hunk of man meat i hear you asking?
This is Adrian Price.
You may have noticed him frolicking in a waterfall here and doing what I like to call the 'sleazy lean' here.
He's my partner in crime, and handy enough, a photographer!
Apart from the fact his job involves him spending his days looking at nearly naked models, he is ticking all the boxes.
p.s can you do me a favour and not judge my dreadlocks? thanks.

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